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East Hampton to Charleston: More Than 860 Coastal Miles

    There are many paths you can take down the Eastern Seaboard, but I like the ones less traveled that stick in your memory and teach you a bit of American culture that isn't learned in the classroom.

    As you head out of Long Island, perhaps stop at the Lakehouse restaurant or the Whalers in Bay Shore for a lobster roll while pondering this guide to an ultimate mid-Atlantic journey that ends up at one of America's classic cities for food, history, and charm: Charleston, S.C.

The Hamptons to the Jersey Shore

Sep 20, 2021
A Family Destination

    Once upon a time, or specifically, mid-pandemic last year, an average Long Island family was looking for a place to plan a vacation. Montauk wasn't terribly appealing, they were tired of the Outer Banks and the Hudson Valley, and Kennebunkport, Me., was attractive but too distant. The spot needed to be secluded enough for social distancing but welcoming and entertaining enough for a family of 10 with two small children.

Sep 19, 2021
To the Smokies, to Glamp

What you need to know as you drive toward the Great Smoky Mountains is that the land is a rain forest. The hills, valleys, gullies, cracks, and seams are filled with hickory, fir, sugar maple, wild cherry, birch, chestnut, pine, cedar, and tulip poplar -- a tree that rises straight up out of the ground and nine stories later pops open with large, white magnolia-looking flowers (okay, tulips). The vegetation is so abundant that it comes described as shingled, shagged, big-toothed, winged, slippery, sweet, bitter, chalked, and weeping.

Sep 19, 2021
Postcards From the Future


We may all be grounded at the moment, but that doesn't stop our minds from wandering. Here are the places our regular travel section contributors say they can’t wait to revisit, or discover, when life returns to normal. Enjoy these armchair adventures and stay safe at home, as we are.


Paros, Greece

Apr 25, 2020
A Foodie Destination That's Capital

Anyone who hasn't visited "the swamp" (as Donald Trump loves to refer to the District) in the last decade or so, and perhaps plans to during election year, is in for a great surprise. At least on the culinary front.

Dec 26, 2019
Where Will 2020 Take You?

City or coast? Culture capital or cowboy outpost? Progressive destination or old favorite? Browse our annual guide, compiled from recommendations by The Star Travel team and a few far-flung readers, to get inspired. Then, start packing.

Jan 3, 2020
Moscow, Idaho: Small-Town America, But With Better Wine

Moscow (pronounced Moscoe) is about a two-hour drive from Spokane, Wash., through the lake town of Coeur d’Alene, and the rolling “palouses,” or fields of wheat, soy, and other crops.  Named after Moscow, Pa., not the Russian city, this town of about 25,000 is home to the University of Idaho and close to the border of Washington State.

Nov 28, 2019
Remarkable Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is a magical place to visit, especially when you’re looking for a change in climate. Too cold at home? Our winter is New Zealand's summer, and vice versa.

Nov 28, 2019
Unspoiled Uruguay

    In a 2014 "Simpsons" episode, Homer, with Bart and Lisa at his feet, spins a globe, points to Uruguay and emits that heh-heh-heh trademark laugh before exclaiming, "Look at this country -- U R Gay!"

Nov 28, 2019
Ask a Local: Los Angeles

Julie and Dan Resnick, Amagansett residents and co-founders of Feedfeed, a behemoth online crowd-sourcing food platform, that lists over one million enthusiastic foodie followers, have come to know Los Angeles well over the last two years. After moving from New York to Amagansett permanently in 2010, they decided to go bicoastal last year and spend the winter months in the Pacific Palisades area, where they rent a house with a kumquat tree in the garden bearing fruit.

Sep 27, 2019
The Dude Abides

The wide-open desert of Arizona, where the prized 100-year-old saguaro cactuses grow wild among rattlesnakes and roadrunners, used to be dotted with dozens of dude ranches. Families would escape the cold of the winter here for an active week of riding horses, hiking, exploring, swimming, learning rope tricks, and drinking cowboy coffee.

Sep 23, 2019