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Dear Reader,

The East Hampton Star has stood strong through many emergencies — from the 1938 hurricane through both World Wars. We were there for our community during the 1918 flu pandemic, and we are here for you now.

In recent days, we’ve redoubled our efforts to make sure you have the latest information to keep your family and community as safe and healthy as possible – and we’ve made sure all of our coverage of the pandemic crisis is available to you, free of charge, with no paywall. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help. We are asking you to please make a donation now – whatever you can afford – to sustain our mission.

The past few years have been trying times for newspapers across the globe. And right now, as you know, our world is being reshaped at an even more radical pace by the financial and domestic turmoil of the unfolding pandemic. As we all work together to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, newspapers need reader support more than ever. 

Here at The Star, we are proud to bring you the most reliable publication on the East End. We deliver honest news, faithfully, week after week. We send hard-working, professional reporters out to cover our town halls and local courts. To our school board meetings and zoning board hearings. To our sporting events and neighborhood celebrations.

Just as you all have shown us unwavering support for the past 135 years and counting, our goal for the future is to stay true to our readers and to our community. So please, use the links below to subscribe to The East Hampton Star, or to make a donation - or both! And thank you.



Stay home, be well, and rest assured that you can count on The East Hampton Star. If we stick together, we’re all in safe hands.


David E. Rattray
Helen S. Rattray