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OVERHEARD: Emergency Party

Eight adults gather around a dining table in Southampton, early evening, early summer. It isn’t a book club, but the group uses one as its guide: 2040: A Handbook for the Regeneration by the Australian author Damon Gameau, based on a documentary of the same name.

Sep 23, 2022
DIVERSIONS: Sweater Weather

Mind Offline has a wide assortment of clothing, crafts, and yarn for knitting, as well as a soothing and welcoming atmosphere in this online-heavy world we live in. Recently, the shop embarked on a journey to produce yarns and hand-knit garments in the most close-looped, eco-friendly system possible: sourcing, milling, and producing fibers no more than 300 miles from the store. The result is Local Wool Co., and it’s fast becoming a vital element of Mind Offline’s offerings.

Sep 12, 2022
OVERHEARD: Ice, Ice Baby

Before there were free electric-buggy rides offering ice-cold mineral waters on your way to Main Beach — before the instant chill of ducking into a brisk Ralph Lauren boutique to escape the blazing rays, before anyone had ever heard the words “climate change”  — there were ice houses. 

Sep 12, 2022
DIVERSIONS: Heart and Sole

Baby needs a new pair of shoes — now that the weather’s changing and school’s about to begin, here’s a shopping guide, from Montauk to Southampton.

Sep 12, 2022
BOUNTY: Raw Talent

Sushi and sashimi — they're fun to eat, fun to look at, and fun to make yourself. With the right combination of tools, tutorials, practice, and products — mostly accessible on the East End, with maybe a little help from the internet gods — it’s not all that hard to pull off your own night of Japanese cooking.

Sep 12, 2022
NEIGHBORS: The Man Behind the Curtain

If there’s a way to be here and not here at the same time — like a ghost you can hear laughing, or a well-dressed omniscient narrator — Mike Lavin has figured it out. A photographer and filmmaker, podcast engineer and videographer, Lavin has been building a name for himself as the talent behind the camera that has captured some of today’s hottest comedy and rap stars.

Sep 12, 2022
OVERHEARD: Fantasy Island

There is an artifact that is now housed in the Long Island Collection at the East Hampton Library — framed, and hung on the wall behind protective glass — that dates back 323 years. It measures just under four-and-a-half inches long and less than half that high.  It is only a small fragment of cloth, woven of silk, cotton, and metallic gold and silver thread. Yet, this remarkable remnant of sumptuous silk is the very stuff of pirate legend. 

Sep 12, 2022
BOUNTY: Red Delicious

As all good foodies (and school kids on field trips) know, apple-picking time is upon us. Nina Dohanos speaks to a farmer for tips on choosing, storing, and cooking East End apples — the best apples on God's green earth.

Sep 1, 2022
ARTIST TO KNOW: David Burliuk, Time Traveler

Sometimes time telescopes and a personage from one epoch appears in a contemporary context causing cognitive dissonance: Harriet Tubman, for example, lived until the age of the Model T Ford. And so it was perhaps with some puzzlement, if not awe, that Hamptons art-world habitués must have regarded the Ukrainian poet and painter David Burliuk, the “Father of Russian Futurism,” when he appeared in the somewhat poky-prosaic setting of art openings at Guild Hall at midcentury.

Sep 1, 2022
Overdrive: The East End's Obsession With Classic Cars

Hot cars have always raced between the hedges on Hamptons roads. But a few special societal factors — from the aging of Boomers and Gen X to the idle hours of the Covid-19 pandemic — have coincided to create a moment when demand for a classic Porsche, Cadillac, or Model “A” is outstripping supply. EAST investigates an obsession

Jul 6, 2022
OVERHEARD: When the Bobwhite Sang

The bobwhite makes both a song and question with its name. This is appropriate, since questions abound about this bird. Long Island is at the northern edge of the bobwhite range, but they have disappeared. Where did they go? Will they come back? Locals haven’t heard their familiar song for decades. Even its name —  northern bobwhite, bobwhite, common bobwhite, quail, or partridge — is tensile and open to interpretation.

Jul 5, 2022
OVERHEARD: Charmed, We're Sure

Most would agree that Dora Frost, unmarried and unburdened by children, is a true 21st-century woman. At 71, Frost still paints daily in her West Palm Beach studio and posts an artistic offering a day on Instagram, to the delight of her followers. 

Jul 5, 2022