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Dance Man

Considering George Balanchine, the autocratic, contradictory Russian émigré who gave new life to American ballet.

Mar 16, 2023
End of a Paradise

In lyrical prose, a Pulitzer winner explores the wages of modernity by way of a small island off Maine.

Mar 9, 2023
South Fork Poetry: ‘Worm Moon’

When the Algonquin whispers to you.

Mar 9, 2023
An Aspirational Accoutrement

“Fit Nation” is a detailed Baedeker of the democratization of athletics, with spot-on observations regarding the sociology of fitness. 

Mar 1, 2023
Bright Lights, Sin City

Jeffrey Sussman’s “Sin City Gangsters” takes us on an impressive journey from the tawdry beginnings of Las Vegas through to its current almost Disney World iteration.

Feb 22, 2023
Israel and America: Guilt, Pride, Debate 

Eric Alterman is back with a typically contentious, hefty, diligently detailed exploration, this time focused on the long-running American debate over Israel.

Feb 15, 2023
Book Markers: The Amagansett Edition

Paul Goldberger’s architecture criticism gets a revision, and Peter Eliott is out with a fantasy novel.

Feb 9, 2023
A Respite From Cynicism

For connoisseurs of brevity, the 14 pieces in John McCaffrey’s “Automatically Hip,” some only two pages in length, will deliver a sweet take on the short form.

Feb 9, 2023
A Continuum of Violence

The killing of two Black brothers by a white police officer in Freeport in 1946 was a little-known but pivotal moment in a long and tragic history.

Feb 2, 2023
In a Language of His Own

Frederic Tuten’s short prose vignettes accompany his prints in pastels and ink, and the result is delightfully whimsical.

Jan 26, 2023
The Outsize Life of a Bon Vivant

Here is Peter Beard, wildlife photographer, artist, naturalist, author, blue blood, and ladies’ man, considered by someone who knew him well across some 30 years.

Jan 19, 2023
South Fork Poetry: ‘Safely Strapped’

One man’s life seen from a belted car seat.

Jan 19, 2023