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How Women Broke Old Molds in News 

Women’s increasing numbers in and influence over American journalism is explored in “Undaunted” by Brooke Kroeger, a veteran correspondent and professor.

Jul 20, 2023
Harlem Kerfuffle

For his new one, Colson Whitehead returns to Harlem, this time in the 1970s, and Ray Carney, who’s busier than ever with his furniture store and his stolen goods.

Jul 13, 2023
Couric Interviews Ciuraru on Literary Marriages

Carmela Ciuraru will talk to Katie Couric about “Lives of the Wives: Five Literary Marriages” at Guild Hall on Monday night.

Jul 13, 2023
Book Markers: From Katie Couric to Sunny Hostin

Katie Couric is first up at the revived Fridays at Five, while Sunny Hostin visits the East Hampton Library with her new novel.

Jul 6, 2023
From the Master’s Mouth

Laurie Anderson has compiled Lou Reed’s notes into a book showing how tai chi saved the rocker’s life and came to define his life.

Jul 6, 2023
Starting Over

The dissolution of a writer’s marriage, one essay at a time.

Jun 29, 2023
A Natural Music

The poet and farmer Scott Chaskey returns with fresh takes on birds and words, seeds and trees.

Jun 22, 2023
Coming of Age in the ’80s

From tattoos to dead-end jobs, here is a novel for anyone who had no idea what came next in their youth.

Jun 14, 2023
Wisecracks and Cold Cases

Meet Corie Geller, onetime F.B.I. agent, and her retired police detective dad, both thrilled to be back on the case.

Jun 8, 2023
William Finnegan and Brooke Kroeger in Q&As

It’s William Finnegan in Montauk on his “Barbarian Days” surfing life, and Brooke Kroeger in East Hampton on the history of women in journalism.

Jun 8, 2023
When Power Is All 

The late Nancy Dougherty’s examination of Nazi evil through Reinhard Heydrich, “the puppet master of the Third Reich.”

Jun 1, 2023
Biden: Less Credit Than Deserved?

Revealing recollections and surprising revelations about the Biden administration, many relevant to Election 2024.

May 25, 2023