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On the Police Logs 08.12.21

A handwritten note showed up in an Orchard Lane resident's mailbox on July 29 saying that her pool pump was broken, that it was very loud, and requesting that she turn it off. The next day an unknown person entered her backyard and unplugged the pump. A repair company was to have arrived last week.

Aug 12, 2021
Arrest in Tuesday Hit-and-Run

A teenage driver who reportedly fled the scene of an accident late Tuesday night that left a pedestrian with serious injuries was arrested a few hours later, at 2:40 a.m. yesterday, at his home in Montauk.

Aug 12, 2021
More Crash Details Emerge

A few more details have emerged regarding an accident reported here last week, in which Paul Brennan of Sagaponack had to be extracted from his 2020 Land Rover after a near head-on collision on Stephen Hand's Path near Two Holes of Water Road, East Hampton.

Aug 12, 2021
Dispute on a Springs Beach

A 78-year-old woman who lives on King's Point Road in Springs was arrested on Aug. 3, charged with menacing with a weapon and criminal mischief with intent to cause injury, misdemeanors. 

Aug 12, 2021
Four Accidents, Four D.W.I. Charges

Four recent accidents on local roads ended in charges of driving while intoxicated against all four motorists, according to East Hampton Town police.

Aug 12, 2021
On the Police Logs 08.05.21

The manager of an East Hampton restaurant asked a diner early Saturday evening "to put on shoes, because the restaurant had a shoe policy. He refused and proceeded to seat himself," according to the police report. He left before an officer arrived, but filed a separate report, saying that "he was with his 93-year-old mother in a wheelchair when the manager told him that he was not wearing the right footwear for the establishment and had to leave." He told police he "felt slighted and thought the manager was rude and unreasonable in that he has been a 40-year-customer."

Aug 5, 2021
Locked Out, Sink Running

It was "one of those things," said Pat McKibbin, the owner of Mary's Marvelous in East Hampton, speaking of a flood in the kitchen on the afternoon of July 27 that resembled "a miniature of Niagara Falls."

Aug 5, 2021
Intruder Had a Knife

A stranger found inside a Cove Hollow Road house on the afternoon of July 28 was later charged with criminal possession of a weapon, East Hampton Village police reported this week.

Aug 5, 2021
Drivers Face Drug Charges

Drugs were allegedly involved in at least two arrests last week.

Aug 5, 2021
Driver Was Trapped in Near Head-On Crash Wednesday

An almost-head-on crash late Wednesday morning in East Hampton Town left one driver pinned in his car while the other was able to free himself before first responders arrived on the scene.

Aug 4, 2021
On the Police Logs 07.29.21

When Julie Sweeney opened her ice cream wagon for the day at Ditch Plain Beach on the morning of July 15, "she saw a box of chips had a hole in it, and it was empty." Upon further inspection, she found a hole in a plexiglass window. "It appears that once the window was pried open, the unknown subject(s) slid their hand inside and stole the chips from said box," police reported. An officer found remains of the chips on the floor of the men's bathroom adjacent to the trailer.

Jul 29, 2021
Two Bicyclists Were Injured

Two bicyclists, one of them a teenager who was later treated at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, were hit by cars in recent weeks.

Jul 29, 2021