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News for Foodies 08.10.23

Kumiso brings Tokyo-inspired casual dining to East Hampton, Sunset Harbor in Springs has drink specials and outdoor screenings, St. Lucia to perform at Sole East, and cocktail hour at Sparkling Pointe Winery.

Aug 9, 2023
Green Beetz at the Creeks

Dr. Anna Chapman and Ronald Perelman opened the Creeks for a benefit for Green Beetz, a nonprofit organization that educates middle school children about nutrition, the environment, food, and society.

Aug 9, 2023
News for Foodies 08.03.23

Goldberg’s Bagels to open in Water Mill, Hawaiian evening at Crabby Jerry’s in Greenport, Maison Close back in business in Montauk, outdoor cookouts at the Pridwin on Shelter Island.

Aug 2, 2023
Life's a Peach—Go Ahead, Pick It

Peaches are abundant and ripe for picking at the Truxel Farm, a newly opened you-pick farm on Route 114 thought to be East Hampton's first full-scale peach farm.

Aug 2, 2023
Zero Percenters at Amber Waves

Amber Waves Farm hosted a class on mocktails, i.e., zero-proof drinks, led by a mixologist from Boisson, the world’s largest distributor of booze-free libations.

Aug 2, 2023
Amber Waves Farm Celebrates 15 Years

Katie Baldwin and Amanda Merrow, co-owners of Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett, started the farm during 2008 financial crisis. “Our friends who had taken more conventional paths were losing their jobs,” Ms. Merrow said. "It felt risky starting a business, but it feels like life is risky, and it was less risky for us to be in control of our destiny. We thought, ‘The world is a weird place, maybe we should grow our own food.’ ”

Jul 27, 2023
Outstanding in All Fields

The Star’s food writer dropped in to an elaborate outdoor dinner from Outstanding in the Field at Fireplace Farm in Springs, with Almond’s Jason Weiner in the kitchen and Suki Waterhouse, an actress and musician, in attendance.

Jul 26, 2023
The Iceman Is Already Here

Artisanal ice? Because Albert Vigneau’s company Hampton Ice makes flawless cubes, oversized cubes, even spheres and personalized ice, his product is in demand for benefit events, private parties, restaurants, and more.

Jul 26, 2023
News for Foodies 07.27.23

Music will return to Calissa restaurant in Water Mill with Fat Joe, Wyclef Jean, D.J.s, and more, and outdoor feasts featuring local chefs and purveyors are set for Quail Hill Farm and Share the Harvest Farm.

Jul 26, 2023
News for Foodies 07.20.23

El Verano opens in Southampton, Jonathan Waxman will "Stir the Pot" at Nick and Toni's, the Bridgehampton Inn has a new bar lounge, and more.

Jul 19, 2023
Seasons by the Sea: Saucy for Summer

This is the time of year that we are fishing and gardening, shopping at farmers markets, and entertaining alfresco. And yet we want our meals to be quick and simple, without heating up the kitchen too much. Summer sauces to the rescue!

Jul 19, 2023
News for Foodies 07.13.23

Shippy’s reopens, specials from Bird on the Roof, workshops at Amber Waves, and Tomato Girl Summer comes to the Pridwin Hotel in the form of a cocktail.

Jul 12, 2023