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OVERHEARD: Beulah Says

Beulah Pollock tells marvelous stories of a childhood in the English countryside, her acting days, the good times she had with her late husband. But when asked what kind of advice she has to offer younger generations, she gets a bit shy and denies having any. In describing a life lived to the fullest, though, some tidbits of unintentional wisdom revealed themselves.

Dec 9, 2022
Sidewalk Superstar

You’ve seen these five uniquely fashionable East End neighbors out and about on the social scene, and wondered, Who is that? In a world of generic good taste — delivered by UPS with free returns — it’s a terrific thing that certain talented civilians still make us smile with the uniqueness of their fashion sense.

Photographs by Geir Magnusson; words by Christine Sampson

Dec 8, 2022
Paul Davis: Poster Child

Paul Davis, painter of iconic public art, reflects on a unique career characterized by luck and love.

Dec 8, 2022

A cashmere wrap printed with an X-ray art piece from Steve Miller of Sagaponack? We’re in.

Dec 8, 2022
DIVERSIONS: A Definitive Guide to Houseguests

Successful hosting involves careful preparation, lovingkindness, and making your guests feel welcome but disinclined to return. Spencer L. Schneider helps you to thread that needle.

Dec 3, 2022
BY THE NUMBERS: Winter Hacks

The wicked-witch-cold, stone-sky months are coming in, and turning the calendar page can be a bit psychologically depressing. Here, a few tips and tricks for making it through to spring.

Dec 3, 2022
East Magazine's 2022 Holiday Datebook

Bookmark this page! It’s our specially curated compendium of the most festive holiday happenings from now ’til New Year’s Eve.

Dec 3, 2022
DIVERSIONS: Countdown to Midnight

A shopping list of party essentials, for a kick-up-your-heels New Year's Eve.

Dec 3, 2022
DIVERSIONS: Gone Crackers!

It’s super-easy to make surprise-filled, party-popping holiday noisemakers for your festive table — stuffed with paper crowns, a joke or riddle, and all sorts of trinkets. Here’s a how-to.

Dec 3, 2022
OVERHEARD: Dashing Through the Snow

There’s a letter in a box in a garage in Sedona that may one day soon find its way to the Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum and, if and when it does, it will tie together disparate historical strands of a long-ago romantic tale involving a man, a woman, a horse-drawn sleigh, and a wild ride through the snow from Montauk to East Hampton.

Dec 3, 2022
BOUNTY: Fire and Spice

It’s snowing peppery flakes this winter, as chefs make the most of hot-chile recipes for cold weather.

Dec 2, 2022
BOUNTY: Home Slice

Need a party cake or fancy pie? Look no further than Dorothy’s Baking Company of Sag Harbor — the stuff sugarplum dreams are made of.

Dec 2, 2022