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The Right Response

Members of the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals had had enough. Late last month, they vetoed a request from the owner of a Georgica Pond-front house to legalize a number of changes that had taken place without the board’s okay.

Nov 21, 2019
Now Back to the Hatchery

Now that Election Day has passed, perhaps East Hampton Town can return to the question of a new, centralized shellfish hatchery on a site off Gann Road at Three Mile Harbor in a less politicized atmosphere.

Nov 21, 2019
Turn on the Television

Far be it for a newspaper to encourage its readers often to turn on the television, but this is an extraordinary time in the history of the United States.

Nov 14, 2019
Let’s Wait for New Septic Results

For the most part, the now-mandated low-nitrogen septic systems being installed on eastern Long Island work as promised. The big if is whether they will deliver on the environmental improvements.

Nov 14, 2019
The Great Scallop Die-Off

In March, the swallows come back to the cliffs of Capistrano, and in November the scallops come back to the dredges in the Peconic Bays and the suppers of the salivating. Until they don’t.

Nov 14, 2019
Work-Force Housing Method at the Ready

Affordable housing, a recurrent campaign theme in East Hampton elections, is a bitter paradox. As the total number of vacation houses climbs upward, there are fewer and fewer places for year-round residents and the seasonal work force to live.

Nov 7, 2019
Time for a Green Party Here

What town government really may need are views from the left — a more liberal, more pro-environment and anti-growth point of view.

Nov 7, 2019
For Town Justice

East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana has two hurdles to overcome in Tuesday’s election: her failed Democratic primary challenge in June and her entanglement with David Gruber’s rather malicious campaign for supervisor.

Oct 31, 2019
Nine Choices

East Hamptoners and a number of town trustee candidates agree that the panel’s terms of office should be staggered so that voters are not asked to decide among 18 or more hopefuls for nine seats. If that were to happen, it would be too late for this year, of course, so we have our picks. Here they are in the order their names appear on the ballot: Francis Bock, Bill Taylor, David Talmage, Susan McGraw Keber, Tim Garneau, John Aldred, Stephen Lester, Mike Martinsen, and Jim Grimes.

Oct 31, 2019
Incumbents Endorsed

The opposition is correct that the Democratic Party’s hold on the East Hampton Town Board can lead to a shortfall in critical thinking. The question is whether the challengers are up to the job of mixing things up.

Oct 31, 2019
For Supervisor

David Gruber makes a good case for himself — for some public role, but not the role of town supervisor. Foremost among our concerns is his temperament: We have never known Mr. Gruber to admit he has been wrong, and he can be relentless in his attacks on those who differ with him. These are not helpful qualities in an elected official, much less the de facto leader and chief spokesperson for the town. A supervisor must be not just a combatant, but a skillful peacemaker, too.

Oct 31, 2019
All-Encompassing Alert

For waterfront property owners and upland town residents alike, participation in this and upcoming sessions should be a priority.

Oct 24, 2019