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Ugly Divide Hits Here

Agree with the message or not, the online disparagement of the Montauk Brewing Company long after it posted online support for the Black Lives Matter movement has been deeply disappointing.

Aug 27, 2020
Hold Off on Hospital Site

At the moment, there appears to be just one local voice saying no to a proposed new hospital emergency annex on the site of two Little League fields centrally located off Pantigo Place in East Hampton.

Aug 20, 2020
Early Migrations

One of the subtle delights of August can be found along the bays and inside harbors on the East Coast, as the first migrating shorebirds arrive from the north.

Aug 20, 2020
Single-File and Other Rules of the Road

As much as they might improve a dangerous situation, new bicycle lanes will not be coming anytime soon to rescue East End roads.

Aug 20, 2020
Biden-Harris Buzz Factor Makes All the Difference

In the ultimate presidential contest, which will hang on voter turnout, perhaps all you need to know about Joe Biden’s announcement Tuesday of Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate is this: It was the Biden campaign’s best hour of fund-raising to date.

Aug 13, 2020
Marram Makeover Makes for Problems

It is a good question why the operators of so many resort properties and a restaurant or two do not believe local laws apply to them.

Aug 13, 2020
Plan for More Outdoor Dining

As part of their Covid-19 responses, East End towns and villages relaxed rules on outdoor restaurant seating and the sky did not fall.

Aug 13, 2020
Needed: Psychological Services

A poll last week released by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that more than half of adults thought the crisis was affecting their mental health.

Aug 6, 2020
In Case of Close Encounter

As the sun goes down, so, too, do the masks — as well as inhibitions about airing anti-mask sentiments.

Aug 6, 2020
Isaias’s Winds a Muffled Warning

It has been a relatively long time since a tropical storm or hurricane hit Long Island straight on.

Aug 6, 2020
Supervisor at Fault in Concert Debacle

Southampton Town officials had stars in their eyes when they granted permission for a giant pop concert held in Bridgehampton on Saturday, attended by an estimated 3,000 guests.

Jul 30, 2020
Domestic Powers Need Reversal

It is painfully ironic that that the federal agency created to keep the United States safe after the Sept. 11 attacks now targets Americans.

Jul 30, 2020