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Call-In Meeting Options Should Live On

Live-streamed local government and school board meetings are here to stay.

Mar 24, 2022
No to Alcohol at Main Beach

Something about selling alcohol at East Hampton Main Beach seems off.

Mar 17, 2022
Back in the Trade Parade

Heavy eastbound traffic in the morning has resumed in force this week, prompting thoughts of limiting growth.

Mar 17, 2022
Cable Opponents’ Last-Ditch Claim

Opponents of an underground electrical wind farm cable now being installed in Wainscott have filed a lawsuit.

Mar 17, 2022
Rules for Residents — or Revelers?

Once again, East Hampton Town officials have been trying to figure out how to deal with the ever-increasing number of large events held here during the summer season.

Mar 10, 2022
American Right Laid Bare

With Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine now nearing its third week of active hostilities, the time may have come for conservatives of good conscience in the United States to take back the narrative from the Donald Trump-Tucker Carlson right wing.

Mar 10, 2022
Misreading History, Justifying Violence

In a tribute to Ukraine, a sharp reminder of the importance of knowing the past and how that knowledge can give us a better understanding of the present.

Mar 3, 2022
Serious Report, Serious Risk

Recognizing the pressure of a rapidly heating planet, change may be coming, in East Hampton Town, at least.

Mar 3, 2022
Unfortunate Oversight in Village Lot

The visually pleasant change in the Reutershan Lot is not without a significant public safety risk.

Mar 3, 2022
Purchases Are Not Enough

What to do about the increasing number of historic properties the town now owns.

Feb 24, 2022
Hopes for Airport Changes Dim

The East Hampton Town Board withers in the face of lawsuits from pilots and the air-transportation industry, and a letter from the F.A.A.

Feb 24, 2022
Investment Fund’s Shift on Oil and Gas

Good news for the environment: Blackstone is concerned about the long term in the extraction industries.

Feb 24, 2022