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Grim Statistics Across the Country

By the numbers, Donald Trump had a better chance of recovery than many Americans. Statistics from across the country show that Black and Latino patients die from Covid-19 disproportionately more than other ethnic groups do.

Oct 8, 2020
When Every Contest Matters

Among the most important races in the Nov. 3 election are those not making headlines, yet a functional American democracy depends on them — the contests for state-level positions.

Oct 8, 2020
Missing Out on Parking Revenue

Local governments on the East End are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed revenue by not charging for public parking in some areas.

Oct 8, 2020
Show Over Substance

It did not take long for the president to shift attention from new and stunning revelations about his tax-avoidance schemes and precarious financial position, as detailed this week in The New York Times.

Oct 1, 2020
Car-Free Irony

If Long Island’s Car Free Day was good for anything at all, it was the irony of it coming on a day when Suffolk officials announced that the county’s low-cost bus service could be cut by nearly half.

Oct 1, 2020
Protect the Staff

In the economic wake of the novel coronavirus, few things have been more emotional — a roller coaster of concern, inspiration, and worry — than watching friends who own, manage, or work in restaurants struggle and pivot and improvise and roll with the punches in their fight to keep the kitchen fires burning.

Oct 1, 2020
Getting Close to the Infection Rate Limit

In remarks last week, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo talked about the difficult task of allowing businesses to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sep 24, 2020
Anti-Trump Turnout Will Not Be Enough

Whether President Trump’s low favorables will hurt him in Suffolk County is a real question, one on which Lee Zeldin’s immediate political future depends.

Sep 24, 2020
Water Quality Priorities

Water quality projects under consideration appear to be a positive step to protect groundwater and improve conditions in the town’s various waterways and ponds, but we remain concerned about the economic and environmental worth of the projects that the C.P.F. funds.

Sep 24, 2020
A New Way to Win

In an election that will have long-lasting repercussions, voters rejected three East Hampton Village incumbents on Tuesday, instead embracing a message of change.

Sep 17, 2020
Pantigo Power Grab

We were surprised to learn this week that a planned hospital annex to be built on a site off Pantigo Road would have a staff of just 14.

Sep 17, 2020
Work History

For all Jerry Larsen's ideas and promises, too many to count, it is difficult to assess just why he took on the difficult task of running for East Hampton Village mayor. A notable misstatement about his current work may provide a clue.

Sep 10, 2020