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Library Vote About Much More Than Books

The East Hampton Library deserves a vote of confidence on Saturday.

Sep 21, 2023
Looking Toward Flu Season

While seasonal flu, as opposed to Covid-19, has yet to make a strong showing this year, now is a good time to make a plan to get the vaccine. The updated and highly advised Covid-19 shot is available, too.

Sep 14, 2023
A Meaningful Grand Marshal

Considering what the English colonists who founded East Hampton in the mid-1600s did to the land’s original inhabitants, it is a remarkable act of grace that the Montaukett Chief Robert Pharaoh agreed to be the grand marshal for the town’s 375th anniversary parade on Sept. 23.

Sep 14, 2023
To Goat or Not to Goat?

It looks as if the goats will be coming to Montauk. This is despite concerns from neighbors of the semipublic Benson Reserve, among others, about a 10-year land-clearing plan that the East Hampton Town Board appears to support.

Sep 14, 2023
Traffic: Don’t Make It Worse

The volume of traffic on the East End is a constant topic of conversation, especially if anything can be done to tame our roadways. For starters, we believe the immediate goal is not making the situation worse.

Sep 7, 2023
Hope Anew for Brooks-Park Arts Center

For art historians and preservation-minded residents and friends looking to save at least a portion of the James Brooks and Charlotte Park house and studios in Springs, there is a ray of hope.

Sep 7, 2023
What a Difference a Degree Makes

Hurricane Idalia’s overnight surge to Category 4 has been attributed to record warmth in the oceans.

Aug 31, 2023
Honoring the Amistad Freedom-Seekers

A new monument honoring the freedom-seekers who landed in search of water in Montauk in 1839 is important in recognizing Long Island’s role in a critical moment in American history.

Aug 31, 2023
Suffolk’s 5.5-Percent Montauk Ripoff

Suffolk’s enforcement of the accommodation tax was overdue. Far too many property owners using Airbnb and its competitors to handle sub-30-day rentals were operating as de facto hotels, but not paying up.

Aug 31, 2023
Business on the Beach

Enforcement is not East Hampton Town government’s best feature, and a locally run business that has monopolized a portion of a popular ocean beach in Montauk is a prime example.

Aug 24, 2023
Committee Conflict

Looking through the official East Hampton Village website recently, one of our reporters noticed something strange about a committee created to review a proposed sewage system in the historic district.

Aug 24, 2023
Remember to Breathe

It turns out that not only are our smartphones and computers commanding an increasing portion of our waking hours, but they are distracting us from even breathing.

Aug 24, 2023