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Time to Get Tougher on Zoning

There is a growing sense that town and village zoning laws are not up to the task of maintaining the region’s character.

Sep 15, 2022
The Money Launderer Next Door

Is East Hampton Town unwittingly playing a part in the secretive practice of shielding foreign wealth that may have been obtained improperly?

Sep 15, 2022
Wrong in the Right Lane

Bike lanes matter — a lot.

Sep 8, 2022
Democracy in the Balance

New York’s First Congressional District vote this fall between Bridget Fleming and Nicholas J. LaLota will be in the context of an election year in which democracy itself is at stake.

Sep 8, 2022
Rumble on Main Street

New York’s transportation law needs to be adapted to give local officials the right to regulate loud compression braking.

Sep 8, 2022
Slow Steps on Housing

A much-needed new affordable housing venture in East Hampton should not go without comment.

Sep 1, 2022
Soaring on Four Wheels

A hearty “Well done!” is owed the many hands who made Friday’s opening of the revamped and superb Lars Simenson Skatepark in Montauk possible.

Sep 1, 2022
No Parking at Idle

People who leave vehicles running when not necessary are creating real health and environmental dangers.

Sep 1, 2022
Climate Changes on the Dinner Plate

Alaska's crabs have gone missing and climate change is the prime suspect.

Aug 25, 2022
A Whole Lotta Bull

There was no way we were going to let news of a giant metallic sculpture of a bull in Herrick Park go without comment.

Aug 25, 2022
(Re)Building Wave

There is no end to the big ideas for high-profile locations.

Aug 25, 2022
Great Idea, Misplaced Goals

Officials are eager to fund massive sewage treatment projects for the commercial downtowns in Montauk and East Hampton, but they will open new development opportunities.

Aug 18, 2022