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Why John Papas Matters

Restaurants like John Papas Cafe carry something of a place’s soul.

Dec 16, 2021
On Affordable Housing, Bring in the Brokers

In all the discussions of affordable housing, the voices that often seem underrepresented are those of real estate industry professionals.

Dec 16, 2021
Political Risk in Airport Half-Measures

What happens now that East Hampton Airport is under local control remains unclear despite years of talk. This is a sharp disappointment.

Dec 9, 2021
Unwelcome by Design in Tesla Territory

It was predictable that just as the first Tesla electric car-charging station appeared in East Hampton Village people would grumble.

Dec 9, 2021
Problematic Precedent in Public-Private Deal

In one of the more heavily debated purchases of its kind in recent years, East Hampton Town will soon close on the purchase of less than two wooded acres off Green Hollow and Buckskill Roads.

Dec 2, 2021
Sorry, Jeff Bezos, We’re Shopping Local

Trouble this year within the web of suppliers that bring goods from manufacturers to retailers has made holiday buying fraught.

Dec 2, 2021
Improving Enforcement

A change to the ways East Hampton Town ordinances are prosecuted would be a significant improvement over the antiquated procedure in use now, which requires a mountain of paperwork and takes officers out of the field. Under the present rules, only parking and other very minor tickets can be handled by mail or online; everything else has to be handled in town court. This leads to a sizable backlog, particularly as violations pile up in the summer and can take well into the fall to be dealt with.

Nov 24, 2021
Free Turkey? Great. Can You Cook It?

Fresh or frozen, brined or spatchcocked, roasting a turkey with all the trimmings can be a fairly expensive and labor-intensive holiday undertaking. For those who may find them too expensive, there’s help available in various forms. Food pantries, school groups, religious institutions, community-minded businesses, and even the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office have been distributing turkeys to those in need.

Nov 24, 2021
A Solemn Duty

The New York State Assembly’s damning report following an eight-month investigation of former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s behavior while in office should serve as a cautionary tale for government at all levels.

Nov 24, 2021
Town Gag Order Too Tough

A proposed revision to the East Hampton Town ethics law discussed this week goes too far.

Nov 18, 2021
What Ark. and N.Y. Have in Common

Lee Zeldin was a House of Representatives back-bencher until Donald Trump announced his bid for president.

Nov 18, 2021
Schools Take on Housing Crisis

Moving beyond the endless talk of how hard it is to find a place to live here on an ordinary income, the East Hampton schools aim to do something about it.

Nov 11, 2021