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For a Merrier, Brighter Main Street

A letter writer this week floated the idea that this newspaper sponsor a contest for the best business district holiday decorations next December.

Jan 4, 2024
Drivers Must Adapt to New E-Bike Normal

Non-standard motorized vehicles have been a big problem in resort locations for a long time.

Dec 28, 2023
Mispronounced Hall of Fame

The language-learning app Babbel this month released its annual list of the most-mispronounced words of 2023.

Dec 28, 2023
An Essential Conversation About New York and Slavery

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul did something of huge importance this week when she signed a bill that could lead the way for the state to make reparation payments to the descendants of the state’s enslaved people.

Dec 21, 2023
Wish List

Sometimes all you want in life is a little something that makes you happy, tiny tweaks to public spaces that would make your life better. Are you listening, State Highway Department or Department of Public Works?

Dec 21, 2023
About the Senior Center

With the estimated costs of the plans for a new senior citizens center in Amagansett made public for the first time recently, it’s hard not to question whether the chosen design is the best one for the money.

Dec 14, 2023
Comfort Stations Anything But

The town restrooms are a big problem.

Dec 14, 2023
More Than a Gun Range

One of the surprises coming out of the ongoing controversy over the Maidstone Gun Club land lease from East Hampton Town is what else has gone on there other than shooting and gun education.

Dec 7, 2023
Contrarian Wanted

The incoming East Hampton Town Board has a opportunity to make local government better in the form of filling a vacancy created by Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez moving to the supervisor’s post.

Dec 7, 2023
Full Clark Griswold

’Tis the season to be jolly, whether you like it or not, and East Hampton’s overheated (and occasionally silly) civic discourse on holiday lights has arrived right on time. 

Dec 7, 2023
Shifting Plant Zones Underscore Warming

For the first time in more than a decade, the official map of plant growing zones has changed — and it affects Long Island.

Nov 30, 2023
Thank the L.V.I.S. Watchdog

The brawl over the black paint job at Rowdy Hall reminded us this week how aesthetic taste isn't just totally subjective, but shifts with the passing of years.

Nov 30, 2023