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On the Water: Montauk Anglers Club Tackles a Void

The recent closure of the only tackle shop in downtown Montauk was a blow for fishermen, but all is not lost for those who wet a hook and line in Montauk. The Montauk Anglers Club, right near the Montauk inlet on East Lake Drive, is looking to fill the void left by the departure of Paulie’s by adding more tackle, bait, lures, gear, and services to its already well-stocked marine and tackle store. 

Apr 25, 2024
On the Water: Striped Bass Amass

Want to catch a striped bass? Then Montauk is clearly the place to be right now.

Jun 8, 2022
Trustees Approve Special Season for Soft Clam Harvesting

The East Hampton Town Trustees approved a special season and designated areas for harvesting soft clams by a technique known as powering, or churning, last month.

Jul 29, 2021
Steven Forsberg Sr.: A Viking at Heart

"I'm not sure what I would have done if I were not a fisherman," reflected Capt. Steven Forsberg Sr. of the Viking Fleet in Montauk, the largest privately owned fishing fleet in the Northeast. "I can't see doing anything else. I think I was born with it in my blood." There's probably a good bit of salt water mixed in that blood, too. 

Jul 22, 2021
On the Water: The Oyster and Scallop Whisperer

Kim Tetrault, the longtime chief oyster guru at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Center in Southold, tends oysters hatched in late March and scallops still too tiny to be seen without a microscope.

Jul 8, 2021
On the Water: A Modern Day Ahab?

The lead character playing the part of Ahab these days is a commercial lobster diver from Provincetown, Mass., named Michael Packard, and in this updated adventure on the high seas, Packard, while diving near his hometown last week, said he was inhaled by a whale.

Jun 16, 2021
On the Water: Spotlight on Safe Boating

Just as there are rules of the road, there are rules of the waterways, and National Boating Safety Week this week is a good time to remember that.

May 26, 2021
On the Water: Coasties on Board

It was a bit of a surprise that I was stopped on the water last Tuesday morning by the Coast Guard for a safety inspection, but it felt good to know they had checked to see that I had all I need to be safe on the water. 

May 13, 2021
On the Water: Passing the Time Away 

After a fatigue-laden winterlong game of avoiding Covid and basically just staying home (and perhaps listening to too much Pink Floyd), it felt much as if a heavy block of cement had fallen off my shoulders when I finally got back on my boat for the first time since November. It was cathartic and energizing.

Apr 15, 2021
Bait and Switch

With a third of all fish mislabeled at the point of sale, it’s time for us, the consumers, to become more proactive in checking the sources of our seafood.

Sep 1, 2016