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On the Water: Back on the Court

“Yeah, the weather gods have not been cooperating of late,” Ken Morse at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor said of the slow fishing. “The winds were relentless, but it appears things are finally going to calm down.”

Oct 5, 2023
On the Water: Tight Lines Moves On

Just as Tropical Storm Ophelia ushered out summer, Ken Morse, the man behind Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor, is moving out — to Southampton.

Sep 28, 2023
New Dates Not Yet Set for Big Clam Dig

UPDATE: Those wishing to put their rakes to the test for the East Hampton Town Trustees’ Largest Clam Contest will have to wait a bit longer to dig for the winners in Lake Montauk, Napeague Harbor, Accabonac Harbor, Hog Creek, and Three Mile Harbor, as heavy rains have closed many areas to shellfishing and forced a second rescheduling of the annual event.

Sep 28, 2023
On the Water: Same as It Ever Was

There’s bad news for anglers in NOAA’s analysis of its annual recreational fishing survey.

Sep 21, 2023
On the Water: A Fee for Saltwater Fishing Permits?

If you fish in saltwater in New York and are over the age of 16, you must possess a free Department of Environmental Conservation marine registry permit. But now the marine registry may soon cease to exist, as the D.E.C. is considering a fee-based license for fishing in the state’s marine waters.

Sep 14, 2023
On the Water: Fair Winds, Jimmy

Jimmy Buffett, who had a house on North Haven, loved the waters of the East End, whether surfing, sailing, or fishing.

Sep 7, 2023
On the Water: Bleak Outlook for Scallops

The outlook for the bay scallop season, which is set to start in early November, is once again poor. For the fifth summer in a row, there has been a significant die-off of mature bay scallops in local waters.

Aug 31, 2023
On the Wing: Epic Summer for Rare Birds at Mecox

Just over the lip of the dune bordering the lot at Scott Cameron Beach is one of the most important habitat areas for shorebirds on the entire East End: Mecox Inlet.

Aug 31, 2023
On the Water: Grab a Crab at Rehab

A cooler of blue-claws for a new friend in cardiac rehab might mark the first time the tasty shellfish have paid a visit to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

Aug 22, 2023
On the Water: Head East for Fish

The direction you want to go during the August heat is east. “Whether it’s striped bass, bluefish, fluke, porgies, sea bass, or tuna, the fish now prefer to be in cooler, deeper waters,” said Ken Morse of Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor.

Aug 17, 2023
On the Water: North Fork Easy Rider

I had done some fishing a few days earlier at Jessup’s Neck, and the bluefish were hungry, taking full advantage of my four-ounce diamond jig. I had my fill of fish, so I got on my motorcycle.

Aug 10, 2023
Master Carver Coaxes Feathers From Wood

With a careful, calculated touch, Robert Greene, a renowned decoy carver who lives in Springs, creates pieces so realistic they could easily be mistaken for taxidermy. “You gotta know the wood, you gotta be a halfway decent carver, you gotta be a decent painter. . . and you gotta be an artist,” he said.

Aug 3, 2023