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The Shipwreck Rose: Keeping Time

One of my great pleasures is perusing old cookbooks to see how people ate and entertained in other eras.

Nov 10, 2022
Point of View: Still a Great Team

They say it’s “the beautiful game,” and yet some teams that play soccer in a less beautiful, even ugly fashion, can win as often as not — as Half Hollow Hills West did here on Halloween — through untrammeled will.

Nov 10, 2022
The Mast-Head: A Good Point

Out of seemingly nowhere, on Monday my 12-year-old told me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to vote for anyone who was not “a minority.”

Nov 10, 2022
The Shipwreck Rose: Ephemera

On Sunday at dinner time, the evening before All Hallows Eve, my son, who just turned 13, decided he wanted to wear a costume for the first time since he was small.

Nov 3, 2022
Relay: Giving as Opportunity

There is, as you may know, homelessness in East Hampton Town.

Nov 3, 2022
The Mast-Head: Going Native

A friend called a single flower that emerged from a thin cosmos plant on my office window this week the “miracle on Main Street.”

Nov 3, 2022
Point of View: I Hope the Spirits Come

This would be a good Hallowe’en to be visited by ghouls and ghosts because the Mohs surgery I’ve had lately has prompted Mary to sing “My Funny Frankenstein” from time to time.

Nov 3, 2022
Gristmill: Listening Tour

Any trip I make west, at some point past the cultural demarcation of the Shirley-Mastic area, I head back to the future with 90.7 FM, WFUV out of Fordham.

Oct 27, 2022
Point of View: A Shining Example

“You’re wondering why no honking, where are the a-holes? Why is it so peaceful?”

Oct 27, 2022
Relay: Sail Inn, Sail On

My father leased the Sail Inn for about a decade in the last century, and in doing so drove himself to an early death for ignoring Rule #1 of bar ownership: You can’t be the best customer in your own saloon.

Oct 27, 2022
The Mast-Head: In an Industrial Zone

On Main Street in East Hampton Village, it never stops.

Oct 27, 2022
The Shipwreck Rose: Now, Voyager

My grandparents had a passion for steamships that, as these family inclinations do, has somehow trickled down to me.

Oct 20, 2022