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Point of View: The Way It Is Supposed to Be

Someone said that he thought it was the last day of summer, but there was too much going on to reflect then upon the waning light.

Oct 7, 2021
The Mast-Head: Out of the Box

There is a deepening frustration with the East End’s direction.

Oct 7, 2021
Gristmill: Cleared for Takeoff

Good times, literally and figuratively, at a massive college cross-country meet in an unlikely place — the National Warplane Museum in northwestern New York.

Oct 7, 2021
The Mast-Head: Boat Business

So far I have spent only one night aboard Cerberus, as my work on it continues.

Sep 30, 2021
Gristmill: Radio Gaga

There’s a qualitative difference in pleasure between typing names into the YouTube search box and sheer happenstance over the airwaves.

Sep 30, 2021
The Shipwreck Rose: Think of England

Deep down, I’ve always been an Anglophile.

Sep 30, 2021
Point of View: There’s That Canada Train

“We’ll always have the Wyndham Greencastle Super 8.”

Sep 30, 2021
The Shipwreck Rose: Lessons and Carrels

Nothing is cozier and more hygge to me than the East Hampton Library. The library and I go way back.

Sep 23, 2021
Point of View: Humans Are Far to Be Preferred

Help comes for a car that gives up the ghost.

Sep 23, 2021
The Mast-Head: Young of the Year

This is the time when the fledged osprey learn to fend for themselves

Sep 23, 2021
Gristmill: Birdbrains

When grackles attack.

Sep 23, 2021
The Mast-Head: The ‘Done’ List

Too often we define ourselves by what we aspire to, rather than what we already have.

Sep 16, 2021