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Point of View: You Gotta Laugh

I read in a recent New York Press Association publication an article suggesting that journalists be more broad-minded when writing about the elderly. Six “tips” were proffered. Here are mine.

Dec 29, 2022
The Shipwreck Rose: Mr. Ten Below

As with so many things in life as the years tick-tick-tick by, it takes rather more priming of the pump than it used to to achieve the right holiday atmosphere.

Dec 22, 2022
Point of View: The World Cup Brought Home

There is little question that soccer here, the games that have been played by adults since the early 1970s and since 2009 by our high schoolers, has been East Hampton’s pre-eminent sport.

Dec 22, 2022
The Mast-Head: Ode to L.V.I.S. Socks

Buying socks was a problem here — until I noticed a bin in the menswear section at the Ladies Village Improvement Society Bargain Box.

Dec 22, 2022
Gristmill: A Magic Number

Best concert ever: Bob (“Schoolhouse Rock”) Dorough on keys and Richard Sudhalter on cornet at a North Fork vineyard, spring 2002.

Dec 22, 2022
Point of View: Any Gnus?

Yes, Virginia, even 82-year-olds can freak out.

Dec 15, 2022
The Mast-Head: A Time to Take Stock

Laid up with a stomach bug for the past several days, I have had a lot of time to watch what is going on outside.

Dec 15, 2022
Gristmill: Dumping Grounds

A simple question for the sellers on those social media marketplaces hereabouts . . .

Dec 15, 2022
The Shipwreck Rose: Gossip Monger

The only person I know who says they don’t gossip and holds true to that word is a friend who is autistic.

Dec 15, 2022
Gristmill: Blowing Smoke

Pot? Hey, kids, maybe not before your brain has fully developed.

Dec 8, 2022
The Shipwreck Rose: Free, Free, Free

One of the most stirring moments of my youth was the April evening in 1985 when, as part of a marching mass of college-student protesters, I danced up Amsterdam Avenue to the joyful rhythm of the song “Free Nelson Mandela” by the Specials.

Dec 8, 2022
Point of View: Pre-Partum Blues

“I don’t want to let him go,” our eldest daughter said of her elder son, who in the not-too-distant future is to go to college, a normal progression you’ll agree, but she can’t bear the thought of him leaving.

Dec 8, 2022