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Point of View: The We’s Have It in Bonac

It says “Forever” on our stamps, and we say we live in the UNITED States, but I wonder. East Hamptoners, though, give me hope.

Oct 12, 2023
The Mast-Head: Sorry, Sammy, It’s Sammis

The Star last week called it Sammy’s Beach, on Three Mile Harbor, when, in fact, the correct name is Sammis, as in the local family that lived there.

Oct 12, 2023
Gristmill: On a Bronx Side Street

When a campus visit becomes an urban tasting tour that smacks the complacency out of your mouth.

Oct 12, 2023
Point of View: Where’s My Hair Shirt?

Watching people running at each other like careening trucks while safe in the comfort of one’s own home is probably something to atone for, and yet football is “as American as apple pie.”

Oct 5, 2023
The Mast-Head: Jury of Three

It was toward the end of the 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival, and I had been asked to be a juror in the documentary film competition.

Oct 5, 2023
Gristmill: The Big One

Netflix’s documentary series “Wrestlers” gets at the real America — you know, the oddball, likable one.

Oct 5, 2023
The Shipwreck Rose: Thirty-Two ‘I’s

Such is the lot of the personal essayist: Sometimes you have to lead with “I.”

Oct 5, 2023
Gristmill: Blowing Cold

Directed onto a heat-oppressed dog, a box fan does double duty as Proustian madeleine.

Sep 28, 2023
The Shipwreck Rose: Small Flowers

Having spent a lifetime looking at fabrics and trying to imagine what it felt like to live in the material world while wearing a dress of dimity or cambric or society silk, I have gotten pretty good at recognizing what era a print or pattern is from.

Sep 28, 2023
Point of View: But Still We Must Stay on Our Toes

I am about to begin my 57th year at The Star. Yet I should not be borne wistfully into the past.

Sep 28, 2023
The Mast-Head: Essential Huntting History

What is the Huntting Inn, anyway?

Sep 28, 2023
The Shipwreck Rose: 4TRR

I am a superfan of the — terrible, awful, no-good — television franchise “The Bachelor.”

Sep 21, 2023