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Albatross a Rare Breed Among Montauk Motels

Leo Daunt hasn’t just co-opted any old vintage mom-and-pop atmosphere of 1970s Montauk in the repurposing of his seaside motel. He's actually taken his mom and pop’s vibe and given it a cool rethink with glossy interiors and contemporary twists like Himalayan salt lamps in the rooms, outdoor fire pits, and a yoga pavilion — the better to cater to the values of the millennial traveler.

Jun 1, 2022
An Ultrarunner in Dublin

When I'm asked why I run so much, I usually say, only half-jokingly, "So that I can eat whatever I want." I am a runner. I just happen to go ultra-distances. Long races, hundreds of miles, sometimes over days. The other answers to that question are more serious: I run to stay fit and, more recently, to stay sane during insane times.

May 29, 2022
Burgundy on Two Wheels

The only drawback to holidaying in Burgundy, France's greatest food and wine region, is that you risk returning home fleshier and heavier than when you arrived. Unless, of course, you burn off the extra calories with a self-powered vacation on two wheels.

May 28, 2022
Q&A With Geoffrey Drummond:

An email landed in my inbox sometime in March from Geoffrey Drummond, the executive director of the FoodLab at Stony Brook Southampton and a longtime producer and director of several cooking shows with Julia Child and Eric Ripert, as well as movies like "My Dinner with Andre."

May 28, 2022
Hampton Getaways in a Covid-Conscious Era

As East End hotels prepare to welcome summer guests in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the new must-have amenities will include face masks made from luxurious fabric, chic dispensers for hand sanitizer, body temperature scanners, aesthetically pleasing dividers to ensure people maintain six feet of social distance, and other items that allow people to feel safe and pampered.

May 7, 2020
One Foot in Each of Two Worlds

The rugged canyons and sprawling ranches around Penjamo in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato are haunted with stories of hidden treasure, Catholics fleeing persecution by the Spanish crown, and of revolutionaries like Pancho Villa, who rode through this territory in the early 20th century. Along with these tales, which straddle the line between the historic and the fantastic, are the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who went “al otro lado,” as the people in Penjamo say — to the other side, the United States. 

Apr 29, 2004

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