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Longer-Term Good

Sometimes it’s the public, not just a private individual or business, that has to yield immediate benefits for the sake of sound long-term planning. Your carefully thought-out editorial about Bostwick’s current effort to get a permit for a new roof makes the point about a typical case.

Apr 7, 2011
Sham Meeting

Well here we go again, the town board is considering holding another farce meeting on the leaf-pickup program. They didn’t listen to the residents the first time so why waste our time again?

Apr 7, 2011

As the winner of the Leaders of Hope contest, sponsored by AARP, I would like to thank the citizens of the East End and Montauk who voted for me...

Apr 7, 2011
Great Generosity

On behalf of the board of directors, I wish to thank Ben Krupinski and his crew for the recent renovation at the Springs Parsons House, home of the Springs Library. Mr. Krupinski, with great generosity and community spirit, undertook this work...

Apr 7, 2011
Hometown Support

The Pugh family would like to briefly thank all of those who recently supported us following the death of my mother, Helen.

Apr 7, 2011
Of Helen Pugh

I just read the obituary of Helen Pugh of Montauk. I am remembering her kindness and her devotion to her community.

Apr 7, 2011
Long Overdue

Landowners in Springs cannot support the Springs Board of Education’s increased annual budget. Eighty-four employees is too many. Then to give a $20,000 raise to the Springs School superintendent this year, with high unemployment in New York State, seems almost insane! It smells of favoritism.

Apr 7, 2011
In Shock

attended the Springs School budget meetings. I pay taxes in Springs, and I am in shock.

Apr 7, 2011
True Measure

In an act of professional integrity, Isabel Madison quietly pointed to a piece of paper she handed out at the second public hearing last week Tuesday. The piece of paper was the tax bill you can expect to receive in December 2011...

Apr 7, 2011
Needs of Others

On behalf of our clients, all of us at East Hampton Meals on Wheels do heartily thank Boy Scout Troop 298, all of the scout leaders, and the American Legion Post 419, who made possible the delicious spaghetti dinner on Sunday. Our volunteers delivered more than 50 dinners to our homebound clients...

Apr 7, 2011
No One Home

The other day while driving on Route 114 I came across a trembling dog, a Weimeraner in the middle of this busy road. The dog was walking in circles and shaking. Several cars swerved to avoid him. I took a leash I had and proceeded toward the dog.

Apr 7, 2011
Letters to the Editor 4.14 pg.2

Albert Einstein

    Key West, Fla.

    April 6, 2011

Dear David,

     I thought that your readers might be interested in my interview on National Public Radio.

    On Wednesday, March 16, I was interviewed by Dick Gordon of “The Story in North Carolina” for a broadcast on NPR. The interview was about my book, “My Father and Albert Einstein,” that was published in 2008 by iUniverse.

    I’m not sure if or when the interview would be broadcast in the East Hampton area.

Apr 14, 2011