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Letters to the Editor for October 29, 2020

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 11:47

Caring Professionals
October 26, 2020

To The Star,

I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the extraordinary work of our East Hampton Town fire marshal’s office.

In this Covid crisis, operating our restaurant, Anthony’s Pancake House in Montauk, created new challenges, including applying for an outside seating permit.

First Assistant Fire Chief Duane Denton and Thomas Baker, the assistant chief East Hampton Town fire marshal, were immediately responsive to our needs to serve the public without delay. Mr. Denton brought us the appropriate application and forms to complete. Both Mr. Denton and Mr. Baker answered our questions completely concerning the sketch and plan we were required to submit. They promptly returned our phone calls. Whatever we asked, they had all the answers and provided clear explanations! They expeditiously arranged for all required inspections without hesitation.

We are so fortunate to have such experienced and caring professionals working for all the people of East Hampton!

Thank you!



So Grateful
East Hampton
October 26, 2020

Dear Editor,

Last Saturday our brother Matt suffered a heart attack while building a deck with friends. The quick actions of the East Hampton Town dispatcher who helped instruct CPR, and then response by Officers James Patterson, Chris Botta, and Kevin Fink, along with the Springs ambulance crew kept Matt alive.

The level of expertise, professionalism, and compassion these officers and ambulance crew demonstrated is commendable. They represent the East Hampton police force and Springs ambulance proudly. We are so grateful for their actions and to live in a community served by such exemplary men and women of these organizations.

Thank you so much.



Lucky Witness
Hampton Bays
October 26, 2020

Dear David,

Last Thursday I climbed aboard an open boat at Folkstone Road with volunteers and headed into Three Mile Harbor. We met up with folks of all ages up on their paddleboards who steered over to us to fill buckets with baby shellfish they’d scatter into the water to do their work as filter feeders.

At the wheel was Barley Dunne of the East Hampton Town Shellfish Hatchery and Nursery on Gann Road, who gave the totals produced there the past six months: 12,000 oysters, 9,000 clams, and 7,000 scallops.

John T. Ryan, an East Hampton Middle School teacher, organized the collaboration with Barley and his Surfrider Club students, along with a bunch of paddlers from Paddle Diva. The afternoon weather was perfect and it made me realize what a unique place this is on eastern Long Island.

As a supporter of the South Fork Sea Farmers, I was the lucky witness watching how people can actively help keep our waters healthy for all. I’d love to see projects like this spread across our area. Thanks to all who participated.




Rooftop Solar
East Hampton
October 24, 2020

Dear David,

Thank you, Southampton Hospital Association, in planning to meet the future delivery of the East End’s emergency care services. The East Hampton Emergency Department drawing, introduced in The East Hampton Star, visualizes the emergency facility’s plan. As East Hampton Town continues striving to meet its 100-percent clean energy goal, inclusion, on this new construction, of a rooftop solar panel array, demonstrates the Hospital Association’s commitment, in planning this new facility, to the town’s clean energy goal.



Reality Check
Lazy Point
October 26, 2020

Dear Editor,

For the past couple of years the Valcich family (Mickey’s Carting) has sponsored a car show at the Amagansett Fire Department to raise funds for the Tyler Project in memory of their son, Tyler, who tragically took his own life six years ago. The project’s funds are used to aid at-risk youth in our community and is a very noble cause.

This year, because of Covid-19, the show was turned into a car cruise to Montauk, with entry fees going to the project. So, on Sunday, Oct. 11 of Columbus Day weekend, over 150 classic cars, trucks, and other vehicles (some from as far an Nassau County) gathered at the fire department for the cruise, which started at 9:15 a.m. We drove along Route 27 to Old Montauk Highway, through Montauk town, around the Lighthouse, past Gosman’s, back through town again, and finally back to the Amagansett Fire Department.

All along the way we were met with hundreds of people of all ages, cheering, clapping, smiling, taking pictures, and enjoying the show. Back at the fire department, we hung around for a while and broke up around noon. And how did The Star cover this amazing event? Not a picture, a word, or any mention at all (even The Press had a picture). The Star has room on a weekly basis to publish hate-filled letters from the usual suspect malcontents still unhinged about the results of the election four years ago but nothing to say about an event that’s important to the mental health of the youth of our community. What a disgrace! The Star needs a reality check to get its priorities in order.

I want to thank the Valcich family for doing the work involved in organizing this cruise that helps young people and creates a warm community feeling, helping to counter the hate and anger that seem to be on the rise in our town. Keep up the great work.



East Hampton
October 23, 3020

To the Editor,

Which one is it — Lisa Franzreich, or Lisa Flanzraich? On the same page of The Star the name of the author of a “Guestwords” piece is spelled two different ways.

Of course, it was an oversight. Nobody intentionally meant to butcher the author’s name, but these kinds of mistakes further weaken the public trust in the media, already under attack at the highest levels. Accuracy is an essential weapon to fight back against the erosion in readership, both at a local and national level.



Jack Back
East Hampton
October 25, 2020

Dear David,

Bring back Jack!

I recollect when you discontinued the Jack Graves column it was temporary, and he was to be returned. It is time for this to happen.

For 50 years he wrote his observations and thoughts in a succinct, interesting manner and this is very much missed.

Your sister’s column is okay, but way too long (consistently at least twice the size of yours and these columns traditionally), and perhaps giving your Mom a part-time job editing it would help.

Better yet — please bring Jack back.



October 26, 2020

To the Editor,

Living in East Hampton my entire life, I have watched and lived through all the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is that East Hampton is a beautiful town, wonderful to raise my four daughters, three who have stayed and are raising their children.

The bad is that so many locals left, mostly for better employment, affordable housing, and cost of living, and of course the changes, the rapidly changing residents of East Hampton. The new bubbies, you all know who you are, those that don’t pay attention to speed limits, pedestrian crossings, parking rules, the tailgaters, don’t hold a door, those that break every rule of motor vehicle laws.

Now the ugly, you also know who you are, those that litter, those of you who throw out the little parking stub from the meters at the two village parking lots. I know that stub of paper is such a nuisance it has to be thrown out all over the East End. Then come the Corona bottles and cans strewn on every back road in East Hampton, sometimes in groups of six or eight.

And now it’s the pandemic, surgical masks and gloves thrown everywhere, in the gutter, parking lots, and shrubs. It’s beyond ugly.

But lets go back to the good, and that is a man named Mr. Brewer who has worked for East Hampton Town for years and has walked hundreds of miles, every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, picking up your litter. We all see him, his town truck along side of the road, the litter patrol, picking up your McDonald’s wrappers, face masks, rubber gloves, coffee cups, soda cans and bottles, parking stubs, beer cans and bottles, and God only knows what else.

Maybe a few of you that have decided to make your home in East Hampton could start paying attention to simple laws: slow down to a safe speed, stop drinking and driving, and keep your trash with you until at the very least find a town-serviced garbage can. And when you see Mr. Brewer walking along the roads, roll down your window and say thanks or tap your horn and wave hi.

Thank you,


P.S.: Has anyone ever wondered how many drivers are out there drinking from all those beer bottles and cans?


Not What Is Needed
East Hampton
October 26, 2020

Dear Mr. Rattray,

I just became aware that the town is intent on approving artificial turf for the Little League baseball field being built. What? This is East Hampton! I thought the town board was more ecologically minded than this!

First, this is a nonrecyclable, fossil fuel-based product of which I thought the town board was striving to reduce consumption in the near future. Then I read that there are studies that indicate it could cause injuries to the kids. Furthermore it’s ugly.

There are so many great landscape architects and designers here that I find it hard to believe they aren’t being considered for the job. They are knowledgeable about our area and its needs. They would make something spectacular for all of us and not only for the Little League.

Seriously, smothering the ground with an oil-based turf, killing the microbes and beneficial organisms and turning the grounds into a Tanger Outlet landscaping project is just not what is needed here.

I hope the town board will rethink this project and offer the local landscaping firms an opportunity to show what they can do to preserve our “natural” landscape.




Close the Airport
October 26, 2020


I live on the North Fork and noticed this summer that the helicopters flying to East Hampton Airport over my home and the neighboring hamlets has decreased. This is drastically different from the previous 10-plus years when we had to suffer a steady increase of volume and noise pollution above our community.

Though I would expect the pandemic to affect air commuting, my neighbor on the Riverhead Noise Task Force informed me some companies have volunteered to fly a new all-water route. I am concerned this is a temporary self-interest gesture.

When the F.A.A. funds cease in supporting East Hampton Airport in Sept 2021, the town will decide whether the airport should remain open. The air taxis are aware of this and looking to change the current narrative to appear as if there are no volume concerns with the flying over neighborhoods.

Despite the lightened traffic over the North Fork, the helicopters, seaplanes, and private jets still flying into East Hampton have reported recent increases. The airport saw record activity in the months of September and October with helicopters up 85 percent vs. 2019. This is alarming and a large disservice to the Town of East Hampton residents.

First, you have the return of the noise but also the increased pollution generated from the excess volume. Second, all money generated from the airport goes back to the airport fund. So, for all the people who are affected by the noise and pollution who live under any flight path to the airport, only the airport benefits, not the local taxpayer. Third, only 1 percent of travelers to East Hampton use air travel from N.Y.C. vs. arriving by car, bus, or the L.I.R.R. — a small percentage based on the inconvenience the residents endure.

I hope there is a vote to close the airport when the Town of East Hampton takes control for the first time in 20 years. Since the new water route is volunteer, it is possible the current situation could change at a moment’s notice and the old route start up again.

Having lived under the flight path to East Hampton Airport over 10 years, and for all those people who now deal with the noise and pollution over their homes, I would hope that the airport does close and the quality of life will be restored to all those who have suffered for years under any flight path to your airport.



Village Administrators
East Hampton
October 23, 2020

Dear Editor,

In my almost 30 years of involvement in local government, first with the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals and then as a member of the East Hampton Village Board, I’ve been privileged to work with some wonderful and gifted people. The staff in the Village of East Hampton is second to none and I can’t think of a single person I’ve not been grateful to for their work ethic and skill. We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented staff in the village.

One position in particular, the office of the village administrator, has been filled by two especially gifted people during my tenure: Larry Cantwell and Rebecca Molinaro Hansen.

Larry Cantwell taught me almost everything I ever needed to know about government and procedure and he carried out his job with incredible integrity and generosity. When he made the decision to retire, I worried that we’d have difficulty finding someone to fill those very large shoes. How fortunate we were to find such a worthy successor in the person of Becky Hansen. Becky has served the residents of this village in ways they will never fully appreciate. She arrived at work early and often stayed late. She kept her eye on the ball by running a tight ship and carefully guiding the financial well-being of the village, most recently earning us a Moody’s Aa1 rating. She always made smart financial decisions, guided the board and the staff in their duties to the residents, has an amazing breadth of knowledge when it comes to municipal law and procedure — not to mention important contacts all over New York State — and owns one of the keenest minds I’ve ever known.

Most recently, when we were in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis in April, May, and June (while most of the residents were safely at home in quarantine), she was in her office every day, weeding through the governor’s lengthy and detailed daily executive orders and directives, and working nonstop to protect her staff, assist the business community, and keep our residents safe. The extent of her dedication to the people she served will only be known by those of us who were close enough to see her in action and privileged enough to work alongside her.

I’m thrilled to see that she is moving on to work for the town, and we town residents are indeed fortunate to have her. But I am also saddened for the village, where she will be sorely missed. My sincerest thanks to her on behalf of all of us for her incredible service. We wish her nothing but the best!



Clean Water
East Hampton
October 20, 2020

Dear David,

There are so many facets of the upcoming election, it’s hard to stay focused. One issue that seems to be under the radar is a ballot proposition (Resolution 547-2020) that would move “excess funds” in the Drinking Water Protection Program Fund

to the Suffolk County Taxpayers Trust Fund, a general fund. “Excess” does not refer to funds that are not needed to protect drinking water of county residents, rather “excess funds” are those that have not yet been spent.

This fund has been raided before and we cannot let it happen again. Long Island has some of the most contaminated water in the country. With increased population and demand in the area, the effects are already being seen in harmful algae blooms that are devastating to our marine environment and that trickle down to our economy.

Whether you vote by mail, during early voting, or on Tuesday, do not forget to flip the ballot and vote “No” on Suffolk County Proposal Two. The future of our clean water supply depends on it!

Surfrider Foundation
Eastern Long Island Chapter


Lack of Respect
East Hampton
October 24, 2020

To the Editor:

As a lifelong Democrat, I was embarrassed to see a Democratic candidate for State Senate, Lisa Ahearn, mailing fliers bashing her Republican opponent, Anthony Palumbo, for being a criminal defense lawyer “for $$$.” The lack of respect by a purported criminal justice expert for this honorable profession, enshrined in the Constitution by this country’s founders, is shocking. Ms. Ahearn should be aware that her party’s standard-bearer, Joe Biden, proudly asserts that he began his career as a criminal defense lawyer — even Donald Trump has not seen fit to criticize him for that.



East Hampton
October 26, 2020

To the Editor,

Question . . .

United States of America population: 328 million; Vietnam, 95 million.

Covid-19 deaths: U.S.A., 225,339; Vietnam, 35.




A Phone Call
October 26, 2020

Dear Editor,

“Everyone’s going to get it anyway.” “Sweden did this and it worked.” “We’ll all have antibodies and then the virus will go away.”

We’ve all heard these statements wherever we go. How many of these people who say these things have received a phone call from their child at college telling them he tested positive for coronavirus? It’s not until you hear these words that you are face to face with the reality of this virus. Someone you love, who is far away, has been stricken by the virus. Someone close to you is suffering. The child has fever, an unyielding cough and unbearable pressure on his chest. And that’s just the beginning. Hopefully nothing severe happens, but young people have died. And what indeed are the long-lasting effects? When you get this call there’s pain in your heart. And there’s rage.

“Open up the schools,” Trump shouts at rallies, even today. “Force them to open up the schools where you live.” And he threatens, “We will defund the schools that don’t open.” This is an evil, callous policy.

Without shame he has advocated putting our nation’s children at risk, for no reason. Sending young people to college has had an abysmal impact. College life innately has its dangers. Socializing is a big part of the experience, and they are kids. Even if they are the most careful, rule-abiding kids, they room with others, they have to go to stores to get food.

Shortly after the universities opened, many had to shut down in-person learning; so many students are in their college dorms learning online. These students could have been safe and well learning online at home. I believe this was a mistake and other solutions needed to be found. We made our kids into sacrificial lambs, victims. Why? To help the economy? Is that really a valid reason to risk our children’s suffering? Or even die? How many dollars is the suffering or loss of one child worth?

Children have no control over their lives. They do what the adults tell them to do. They don’t decide to go to school. The parents do. And the parents do what they’re being told to do.

Our president has shown no concern for the American people. It is predicted that there will be 500,000 mortalities by February. Now he has forced our children into an awful position and put them in danger. Little children were sent out the door to school this fall without any idea of what could happen to them. Yes, in-class learning is better for kids, but taking such risks was unconscionable.

Is it nothing that a 19-year-old suffers far from his family because of this crazy president? Until the virus has touched you personally you cannot feel the full anguish of the situation. And if herd immunity is the policy (or doing nothing) it will happen to you or someone you love. Sweden quickly abandoned this policy when it increased their death rate. Furthermore, it has not been proven that people who have had the disease have antibodies that will prevent it from happening again.



Ride Down
October 16, 2020

Dear Editor:

When Donald Trump and his third wife took the iconic ride down the escalator, little did we know they would take the whole country down with them.




A Bumper Sticker
Sag Harbor
October 25, 2020

To the Editor:

I pulled up at a traffic light in Riverhead behind a guy in a pickup truck. His bumper sticker said in big letters, “HOW TO PISS OFF A LIBERAL.” Here’s what else it said, and here’s what I thought about it.

“OWN GUNS.” I don’t own a gun, but one of my sons does. He’s a responsible man and I have no problem with that.

“BELIEVE IN GOD.” You bet I do. The nuns would be proud of me.

“LOVE AMERICA.” Well, I felt it was my duty to serve in the U.S. Army, and was proud to do it.

“HONOR OUR FLAG.” When we lived in a house, I tacked up the Stars and Stripes on my front porch on most holidays.

“HAVE A JOB.” I’m retired after working for 39 years.

“KEEP YOUR BABY.” Of course. I have three wonderful grandchildren.

“THINK FOR YOURSELF.” I do. Except when my wife gives me an order.

“SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT.” Well, I did initially, but I don’t support Trump now.

So look, except for the last bit, our opinions are not that different. So why are we, the guy in the pickup, the Republicans and Democrats, fighting instead of governing? There are some really smart people in Washington, D.C. If they put their heads together, they could begin to address the challenges facing our country — immigration, health care, education, taxes, the inequality of wealth, our struggling middle class, infrastructure, the environment, global warming, the poor and hungry, and more. There’s plenty to keep them busy.

Let me explain why I don’t support the president. In my old neighborhood in Queens, someone who bullied and called people cruel names wouldn’t have had any friends. Trump alienated countries all over the world and we may need their support someday. His “tax breaks” gave more money to corporations and the already wealthy. He made friends with dictators who want to harm us. He refuses to condemn QAnon followers who spread horrible falsehoods about Democrats. He mishandled the coronavirus and put all of us in jeopardy. His hotels, clubs, and golf courses reaped millions from lobbyists looking for favors. He is making voting more difficult in places that may be against him, and he is working now to undermine the legitimacy of the election in case he loses. I could go on, but you get the point.

I hope, with you, that whoever wins the election will build a more decent country, comfort the poor and needy, elevate the middle class, and get us working together to solve our nation’s problems. We could really make America great again.



October 19, 2020

Dear David,

I think the behavior of The Star’s photographer Durell Godfrey at the Oct. 18 Trump car parade through East Hampton was absolutely disgraceful. She disrespected the attendees who were out there supporting our president by giving them the “FU” in front of families and children who came out to view the procession. All while on duty, representing your publication!

There should be zero tolerance for this vulgarity; she needs to be fired.


Ms. Godfrey has apologized for the incident. Members of the press must avoid partisan activity. We take responsibility for not making our policy crystal-clear to all of our staff members. Ed.


Selective Blind Eye
October 26, 2020

Dear Mr. Rattray:

Notwithstanding Manny Vilar’s sincere advocacy for his police brethren and leadership of our local Republican Party I was confused by last week’s article on the Trump so-called “Rally on Wheels.” That confusion has turned to dismay.

I’m confident that most likely all of our residents greatly appreciate the dedication to duty abundantly evident in our town and village police forces. They are always on call, and your pages often feature the gratitude expressed by citizens in need appropriately recognizing the excellence of our officers and other emergency personnel, paid and volunteer, as they rightly should.

But since when does law enforcement turn a selective blind eye to masking the identity of motor vehicles for any group for any reason on our roads? I know that we are in extraordinary circumstances with a hotly contested election, dealing with the usual yard sign nonsense, etc., but by what stretch of imagination does that include immunity for vehicles or their occupants’ compliance with the laws on state, county, and local roads?

Captain Anderson’s view, as reported, is astonishing. Everyone should absolutely have the right of assembly and free speech, but why a group of “masked” riders is okay, especially when our current government’s rhetoric is more like Lincoln’s Vice President Johnson’s so-called “Reconstruction” after the Civil War, is a pertinent question. Lawlessness on either side of the current political abyss, especially now, is wrong.

This is just another example of our current “we can do whatever we want” government, an attitude that has broken laws, deadened civility, and made itself an international laughingstock. [Let us hope] there will be a return to our constitutional values and norms when we’ve had the opportunity to count the votes cast for Biden and Harris.

Thank you,



I Do Not
October 26, 2020

Dear David,

This is a reply to the letter of Manny Vilar, the chairman of the East Hampton Town Republican Party, that was published in The East Hampton Star last Thursday.

Dear Mr. Vilar,

You concluded your letter with “I only hope this past Sunday is not an indication of the way our town has become.” You were alluding to the less-than warm welcome that our community gave to the “over 2,000 vehicles that stretched over ten miles (that) participated in the pro-Trump car rally.”

The truth is that the less-than warm welcome for the rally is indeed an indication of what many in the East Hampton community feel about Trumpism. I obviously cannot speak for the good people in East Hampton Town, but only for myself when I state that I:

• Do not admire presidents who are pathological liars

• Am leery of presidents who love to brag about groping women

• Do not like presidents who offend our allies and love our enemies

• Hate presidents who enrich themselves and their families while in office

• Have serious doubts about presidents who love Nazis and Klansmen because they are “very fine people”

• Wonder about the sanity of presidents who advocate “deep state” and QAnon conspiracies ( Democratic leaders eating fetuses to stay young)

• Have a hard time understanding why huge tax breaks are given to the rich while the middle class is hit on the chin with limitations on property tax exemptions

• Cannot understand why Trump and Zeldin want to abolish the Affordable Care Act that prohibits eliminating care for pre-existing conditions, especially in the age of Covid-19

• Know that Nancy Goroff has never advocated defunding the police. (I would also like to know your source that claims that she is worth more than $30 million — Sean Hannity? Tucker Carlson?)

• Am dismayed that Trump supporters think that they have a monopoly on the American flag and patriotism. Trump was a draft dodger. He refers to the American military who died for their country as “suckers” and “losers.” This is patriotism?

Times have indeed changed. The Republican Party is dead. What happened to fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget, free trade, family values, ethical behavior? The party of Abraham Lincoln has morphed into the party of Don Trump, a nihilist who has only two objectives: maintaining power and enriching himself and his family — at the cost of 250,000 innocent Americans of all ages and all colors.

To quote Trump at one of his rallies when asking for votes, “What do you have to lose?”

My answer is “How about my life?”

Wear your mask. Please vote.



Choice Is Clear
October 26, 2020

To the Editor,

On Election Day, we will have several choices to make on the national and state level. We encourage everyone to re-elect President Donald Trump.

The biased media has never missed an opportunity, over 90 percent of the time, to report one unproven and false allegation after another. Yet, President Trump has delivered on his promises, despite the millions of dollars spent on false investigations by the Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that have failed to substantiate a single accusation. The president’s response to the coronavirus saved thousands of lives, with our economy poised for another historic recovery with record growth and low unemployment.

Then there is Joe Biden with 47 years as a senator and vice president and zero accomplishments. Biden’s plan alone to raise the capital gains tax to 40 percent will impact every single East Hampton homeowner in the worst way possible, and is reason enough to vote for President Trump. The recent revelations discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop are incredibly troubling. If some of the emails prove to be accurate, we very well are looking at criminal charges against Joe Biden.

Then there is the question of Joe Biden’s mental capacity. His inability to pursue an aggressive campaign schedule and few challenged abilities at public events could spell the possibility that we may be looking at a Kamala Harris presidency. In the U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris was rated by independent non-partisan rating organizations as the most liberal radical senator. Harris’s positions on just about everything would radically change our nation for the worse. We all see how well these policies are working out in N.Y.C., Portland, Chicago, and other major cities controlled by the radicals.

For Congress, the choice is clear, and Congressman Lee Zeldin is an overachiever who has over-performed at every level. Congressman Zeldin is a veteran, state legislator, and family man raising a family in his modest home on Long Island. Nancy Goroff is another millionaire looking to buy her way into Congress. Nancy Goroff brings nothing to the table, no record of public service, no history of dedication to our community, and no ability or understanding of the legislative process.

For New York State Senate, Assemblyman Tony Palumbo has a long career in the district attorney’s office and as the North Fork’s assemblyman working closely with Assemblyman Fred Thiele and retiring State Senator Ken LaValle. Mr. Palumbo has been on the right side of every issue, working tirelessly crossing party lines to get the job done.

His opponent, Laura Ahearn, has no record of accomplishments, aside from running a victim nonprofit, making sure to pay herself $168,000 a year. There remain many questions about the finances of the non-profit and its selective choices of what cases they choose to be involved with, especially after her party’s disastrous enactment of criminal justice reforms.

In every instance, all three Democrat candidates support defunding our police departments, which will make our communities unsafe. Nancy Goroff went as far as to call our local police dangerous. The three have supported the policies of radical mayors like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has made N.Y.C. one of the most dangerous cities in the nation and now sees horrific gun violence and homicides weekly.

The choice is clear: vote to reelect President Donald Trump and Congressman Lee Zeldin and elect Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo to the State Senate.

The East Hampton Republican Committee is the local party dedicated to working families, a living wage, environmental conservation, equality, diversity, and economic development for all. We believe in bipartisan solutions regardless of financial status or political party affiliation. Access to the government should not be based on what you can afford or how much you donate to a national or local political party. town government should be fair, equitable, open, and transparent to all.

Come and check us out at our next monthly meeting. We will not judge, nor will we demand that you follow a national, state, or New York City political doctrine. Let us work together for a better East Hampton for all.



East Hampton Town

Republican Committee


Moral Blinders
East Hampton
October 25, 2020

To the Editor,

Found an article in The New York Post written by Congressman Lee Zeldin and Grace Meng titled “It’s Time to Provide Israel With the Means to Destroy Iran’s Nukes.” Meng and Zeldin wrote the United States should provide Israel with 30,000-pound bombs and the planes to destroy Iran’s deep nuclear sites. I am certain Israel will not attack Iran’s nuclear sites without Uncle Sam’s approval. Is another Mideast war in our national interest? What is the upside for Americans? Answer, no and none.

The United States provides Israel with many weapons. For example, the photo that goes with the article shows a mobile artillery piece firing a 155mm round into the Gaza Strip. That weapons system was provided by the United States. Meng and Zeldin mention that the United States has agreed to provide Israel with new F-35 fighter jets. We also gave Israel the Iron Dome missile defense system used to destroy rockets fired at Israel by Hamas.

Meng and Zeldin wrote the Israeli Defense Force has significant offensive capabilities and has “always used them responsibly.” Really? In 2004, I was watching the news about the second battle for Falluja in Iraq showing their marines fighting street to street, their artillery hitting the area ahead of their advance, using rounds I’d never seen used before. They were exploding in midair and raining down white phosphorus upon large swaths of the city.

In ‘Nam we did not use this type of artillery round. We were at no loss for terrible weapons. A list would include B-52 carpet-bombing, napalm, cluster bombs, and Agent Orange. Those white phosphorus artillery rounds, used on Fallujaians, were made in U.S.A. in the late 1980s.

The U.S. gave or sold them to Israel. There is indisputable evidence that in 2009 Israel used U.S.A. white phosphorous artillery rounds in Operation Cast Lead. Most of the rounds exploded over densely populated areas in Gaza, killing innocent men, women, and children. Operation Cast Lead is also known as “Rain of Fire.”

My Dad said to me many times, “Don’t believe anything you read and half of what you see.” Search “Israel and white phosphorus.” Observe the ghastly carnage caused by the use of white phosphorus on soft targets.

Napalm and white phosphorus are incendiary weapons. It is a war crime to use them on civilians. The Brits were the first to produce and use white phosphorus grenades in 1916. In 1920 they used white phosphorus bombs against the Kurds and Iraqis to put down the Great Iraqi Revolution.

Napalm was secretly developed in 1942 at Harvard University. It was specifically made to destroy enemy cities. The purpose? To break the enemy’s will to fight by burning hundreds of thousands. It was first used in March 1944 on Berlin by our then-U.S. Army Air Force. It’s most notable for the gruesome destruction of 65 Japanese cities, burning to death over 900,000 innocent Japanese. These bombings were ramped-up terrorism and war crimes against innocents. The victorious wrote the history and gave themselves a pass.

I have seen many photos of Lee Zeldin emphasizing his military service and showing his beautiful family. Many show Zeldin armored up in Iraq — always clean, dry, and smiling. Even the area around him is clean, dry, and smiling. Armored up in the rear. Why? Nice photo-op for people back home? Zeldin is a REMF (look it up).

I cannot find anywhere how long Zeldin was in Iraq — why? — and whether he earned a Combat Action Badge/Ribbon — why? Another photo shows an infantry fire team on patrol in a desert. What is Zeldin attempting to imply? This photo has nothing to do with his service. I’ve seen two other photos that depict the real nature of his service: one in a large mess hall, another with a Marine in a large room that could be another mess hall. These last two photos show where he was in Iraq: in the rear with the gear.

Read on Dec. 12, 2017, Lee Zeldin had a secret fund-raiser in Manhattan. What does N.Y.C. have to do with our First District? Could be the venue was determined by Steve Bannon, the headlining speaker, recently indicted for fraud involving money raised for “the wall.” Steve works at Breitbart News, known for zealously supporting the alt-right. Zeldin ignores Bannon’s bad company by citing Steve’s strong support for Israel and its government’s policies. The two-state solution has been destroyed by the unchecked power of Israel. Their present government believes might makes right.

Saw a recent photo of Lee Zeldin standing closely behind Netanyahu. Lee was attending the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. Nearby were the power couple Jared and Ivanka. Trump’s ignorant, callous decision to move our embassy caused Palestinians to rise in protest. Scores of them were killed by Israeli snipers. Did we pay for this shameful photo-op?

Lee Zeldin is too close to Netanyahu and Steve Bannon. This shows he has poor judgment and moral blinders on. He is in lockstep with Trump. Has done nothing to stop Trump’s dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency. He will not acknowledge that climate change is destroying the Earth. His votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act reveal a lack of compassion. Lee’s attempts to portray himself as an infantry soldier are off the mark. All of the above show something about his character. Nothing good.

Semper fi,


Captain, U.S.M.C. Retired


Main Henchman
October 26, 2020

Dear David,

Looking at the lines at our local voting spot, it’s apparent that a great way to stimulate voter enthusiasm is for an unpopular president to try to suppress turnout. All of his transparent attempts to depress and disparage early voting have actuality promoted it.

The citizens standing in long lines to remove him and his henchmen from office. His failure to act on Covid-19 is his greatest failure. How could he be telling Bob Woodward about verified intelligence that we were definitely facing an airborne virus five times more deadly than anything we have ever encountered without doing anything about it or notifying the public? He could have ordered the production of billions Of N95 masks and started a public awareness campaign that would have really helped protect everyone, but he only cared about the temporary reaction of the stock market.

The main henchman in need of replacement is Lee Zeldin. He is mostly useless now and he will be totally useless when Trump is gone. He mindlessly follows Trump’s directions even when it hurts his constituents.

Nancy Goroff will make a great congresswoman. She’s a scientist with great local knowledge and obviously a multi-talented successful person who is entering public service for all the right reasons. She’s also my favorite for annoying the local Republican leader Manny Vilar because she acquired a small fortune herself by using her brains while Manny’s hero, Trump, acquired his small fortune by squandering his large inheritance.

This is the week we have been waiting for: Vote, vote, vote.



Unnecessary Procedures
East Hampton
October 23, 2020

Dear David,

Just when you think our congressman, Lee Zeldin, could stoop no lower, his depraved sycophancy to Mr. Trump finds yet a new low. This time it borders on the inhumane.

Recently, a whistleblower complaint asserted manifold instances of egregious mistreatment of detained immigrants at an ICE facility in Irwin, Ga. Among the charges of misconduct are assertions that numerous Spanish-speaking female detainees were forced to undergo unwanted hysterectomies. According to the whistleblower, these detainees were neither informed of the nature of the procedure nor were they informed why the procedure was needed. The incidence of unwanted hysterectomies was so frequent, the gynecologist was dubbed “the uterus collector.” Of course, the Trump administration failed to decry these events, or the other complaints voiced by the whistleblower.

What does this have to do with Mr. Zeldin? Earlier this month, a resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives that condemned the performance of unwanted or unnecessary medical procedures on detained immigrants. While the resolution passed, all but seven Republican House members voted against the resolution or did not vote at all. Mr. Zeldin was among the House G.O.P. members who voted against the resolution. To my knowledge, he has not spoken out against the conduct charged by the whistleblower.

Had the shameful conduct inflicted upon the detained immigrants occurred anywhere else in the world, our government (at least before the Trump administration) would have condemned it as a crime against humanity. Those House G.O.P. members who thought otherwise by voting against the resolution do not deserve to represent the United States and should be sent packing.

In a few days, we will get to decide who we would like to represent our interests and reflect the values and morals for which we would like to think our country stands. Mr. Zeldin’s shameful conduct and tawdry sycophancy to Mr. Trump disqualify him from serving in Congress. Even Republican voters deserve better. Vote him out.



We Have the Power
East Hampton
October 26, 2020

To the Editor:

Donald Trump is so over Covid, he’d really like everyone to stop talking about it. “The pandemic ... that’s all I hear about now. . . . Turn on the television, Covid, Covid, Covid.”

We lead the world in Covid deaths (more than 226,000) and infections (nearly 9 million), 1,000 Americans are dying from the virus every day, and he’s annoyed because it makes the news. The man is literally killing us with his recklessness and incompetence, but he maintains we’re “rounding the turn.”

And where is Lee Zeldin in all of this? When he’s not crowing about Trump’s “phenomenal” Covid response, he’s busy tweeting whatever unhinged conspiracy theory Fox News and the president are peddling at the moment.

We have the power to make them both go away.

Vote for Joe Biden, who will listen to the experts to develop an aggressive national strategy for dealing with the ongoing pandemic, and vote for Nancy Goroff, who will support policies that are grounded in science and fact rather than ignorance and wishful thinking.




On the Ballot
October 26, 2020

To the Editor,

Michael Warsaw, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of EWTN Global Catholic Television Network said in his letter in the National Catholic Register (which EWTN owns), “remember when you go to vote next week that religious freedom is on the ballot. As we exercise our responsibility to vote, we need to realize that our very ability to live out our faith we profess is at stake.”

May God bless and protect America.



In Pursuit
October 26, 2020

Dear David,

Imagine if the 545 children ripped from their parents’ arms at the southern border of the U.S.A. were fetuses, the White House, the Senate, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court, et al. would be enraged, engaged, and tirelessly in pursuit of the perps. Pro-life! (Till birth.) Gotta set limits.

I can’t find limits in the Bible, but I’m no textualist. I’ll look again.



Has No Plan
East Hampton
October 26, 2020

Dear David,

Why is it that people who have no medical training at all, feel it is okay to diagnosis someone?

I have paid close attention to both Joe Biden and Donald Trump these past few months. If Biden had dementia, he would be unable to deliver a speech, or debate Trump, or lay out a plan for Covid relief. Biden has defined what he would do to improve our health care, how he would open Social Security to seniors 62 and older. Biden would make the tax structure fair for the working class and have the wealthiest of Americans pay their fair share. Not like Trump, who paid $750 in income tax the past two years.

And — this is so important — he would find the parents of the 545 children who are locked in cages. The children who were ripped from their parents arms. And don’t believe what Trump says about how they are being taken care of. Several different reporters were allowed into the facility and given access to take pictures as well. The living conditions were deplorable.

Now let me brief you on what Trump will do for the people in the next 4 years: nothing. He has no health care plan, no covid relief, nor does he even want to mention the word covid again. If he wins, he has said, you will never hear him utter the word again. He has no plan. He is a complete incompetent. He cares about no one but himself. It blows my mind that there are still people who will vote for him.

I have lost a family member to covid. It was a horrible death that left behind two sons both mentally and physically challenged. Maybe that’s the only way to get people to realize how real this virus is: watch a family member die from it. But according to Trump, just this weekend he said it is going away. We are rounding the corner. He is a pathological liar. I can only hope that there are enough intelligent people in our country to vote him out and to vote out all the Republicans who stood by him.

He will go down in history as the worst president ever.



Vote Trump
October 26, 2020

To The Editor,

It’s no secret that “Basement Joe Biden” has long been considered a blockhead, a real creep around women and young girls, a profligate liar, a plagiarizer, and a gaffe-prone buffoon. Just look up what his Democrat opponents have said about him in previous primaries.

But the scandal currently unfolding, except in the M.S.M. [or Main Stream Media?], which is assiduously ignoring the story, reaches a new low. What kind of father uses his crack-addicted son as a bagman, raking in millions for himself and jeopardizing national security in the process?

Hunter Biden is a sad case, with a really serious drug habit. He needs our sympathy and our prayers. But Joe Biden deserves only condemnation and a long jail sentence. He dragged his son all over China. Russia, and Ukraine, using his V.P. credentials to extort cash from all kinds of shady characters. We know this from Hunter’s own computers.

Combine this with a V.P. candidate who is raising bail money for the looters, rioters, and arsonists who torched American cities this summer, and you have probably the worst presidential ticket in American history.

You may hate Trump’s mannerisms so much that you are willing to overlook his many accomplishments. You may just be a die-hard Democrat. But surely you can see that this duo does not deserve your vote.

Vote Trump.



East Hampton
October 25, 2020

Dear David:

It must have been difficult for the fact-checkers to keep up with the alternative facts this year.



Paid Hoodlums
October 26, 2020

Dear David,

What has happened to the sanity of human beings? When Obama won, not once but twice, I so disagreed with his policy. I personally couldn’t agree with his regulations, his handling of race riots. So much more, but I didn’t go out and break into high-class stores, steal their goods. Nor did I beat up on human beings.

Many of these Black Lives Matters are infiltrated with paid, yes big time paid, hoodlums, to create chaos, including beating people to death. On the other hand, local parades for President Trump are being infiltrated by people that have lost their sanity. These morons that try to take signs away from a peaceful protester need mental help. What is your reason, you don’t like Trump, too bad, deal with it, and one question what did President Trump do to you?

Personally what did he exactly do to you, clean up the corruption in D.C., beat Hillary Clinton, one of the most dishonest corrupt person in the world?

We don’t need the liberals taking over our government; we need the liberals to be on board with the G.O.P. to help our country.

Personally I think what the Democrats did to Judge Amy Barrett was a total disgrace. Is there a word for these gems, not showing up to vote to advance her? This woman has more intelligence than many already on the court. She knows the law. This was a legal vote.

In God and country,



It Was the Money
East Hampton
October 24, 2020

To the Editor:

I believe it was Grover Norquist who said, when it became apparent that Trump would win the nomination for 2016, “All we need is somebody who can sign his name.”

It was clear at the time, even to Republicans, that Trump did not possess a rudimentary understanding of any domestic government policy and couldn’t name half the states on the map, much less understand the dynamics of international diplomacy and power. His genius, rather, was for mob-speak. His bombastic, break-everything rhetoric resonated with the voters whom Republicans had held in thrall for years on social issues, guns, and dog whistles.

The billionaires of Donors Trust, the financial blood-bags of the party, went along because they knew Trump would sign whatever they put in front of him, if for no other reason than he loves to see his name on things, like a child with a paper placemat and crayons.

Gut the E.P.A. by putting an oil lobbyist in charge: check. Put an oil executive in as secretary of state. What is the State Department for if not to maintain our grip on the world’s oil, right? Check. Pass tax reform heavily weighted toward the rich: check. Stack the courts with judges who would quash women’s rights to control their own bodies and kill health care for millions of Americans: check. Roll back the meager progress Obama made toward addressing climate change: check. And how much chaos could he create, really?

They were half right. He signed their bills and provided a steady ration of red meat to those who would blame all problems on other races and immigrants and the “deep state.” They underestimated his sheer incompetence, his random nastiness, and the ensuing chaos.

As we approach Election Day, it is important to remember that the puppet drum major out front in the big hat was Donald Trump, but the puppeteers of policy were the plutocrats pulling the strings. If indeed we rid ourselves of Trump — even now, not a sure thing — we may allow ourselves a sigh of relief. But the Kochs, Mercers, the princes of Middle Eastern oil, and even the Putins still lurk in the shadows. It wasn’t fear of Donald Trump that kept the Republican Party gagged through the ordeal of this presidency. It was the money. The money never gets tired, never sleeps, and never gets voted out of power.

It bubbles to the surface wherever it is threatened, in places like Wainscott, when residents accustomed to unmolested luxury need anonymous financial backing to hire lawyers and engineers and political operatives to stave off the threat of renewable energy to protect the profits of fossil fuel.




Choose Either
East Hampton
October 25, 2020


How are you going to vote next week? The answer is simple: Choose either Republican or Democrat.

Generally speaking:

Republicans favor the rich. Democrats favor the poor.

Republicans want to stop Obamacare. Democrats want a health care for all.

Republicans want to stop immigrants from entering the U.S. Democrats want to allow immigrants to enter the U.S.

Republicans favor more guns. Democrats favor fewer guns.

Republicans are against abortion. Democrats are for legalized abortions.

Republicans want to keep minimum salaries the same. Democrats want to raise minimum salaries.

Republicans think Trump is a decent person. Democrats think Obama is a decent person.

What do you think?




I’m Rubber
October 24, 2020

To the Editor,

Now that President Trump has unpresidentially and childishly name-called Dr. Fauci and many others “idiots” and “disasters”, while calling CNN “dumb bastards,” I think it’s time for all the victims of his childish, crude insults to respond with the all-purpose, oh-so-true childhood retort, “Well, I’m rubber, and you’re glue; So whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!”



New York City
October 25, 2020

To the Editor,

Definitions. Vice President Joe Biden, a U.S.A. senator from 1973-2009, eight political positions. Distinctions. Wrote books, vice president from 2008-2016, now is running for president, a politician.

Donald Trump, in real estate business from early age, casinos, hotels, sports teams, university, golf courses, commercial products, pageants, an entrepreneur, a promoter in the entertainment industry, elected president in 2016. Definition of “entrepreneur”: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater-than-normal financial risks.

Definition of “politician”: a person who is personally involved in politics, especially as a holder of, or a candidate for, an elected office. A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization or self. Thank you, Google.



Socialism and Marxism
East Hampton
October 25, 2020


In every election for the past 100 years, the Republican playbook consists of three basic pieces: voter suppression, racism, and law and order. Voter suppression keeps the voting population, especially people of color who vote Democratic, down. Racism makes every white person feel a little bit better about themselves. Law and order is about beating the crap out of people who are willing to fight for their rights and step over the incivility line.

This year, however, we have added Socialism/Marxism to the agenda. Since the vast majority of Americans know absolutely nothing about socialism or Marxism (we stopped teaching civics/world history after the U.S.S.R. collapsed in 1992), anyone can make up anything and it sticks.

For example, when people call Trump and the Republicans fascists, they can quote speeches by Goebbels, Mussolini, and Hitler that are paraphrased almost word for word. Hey, dummkopf, read page 37 of “Mein Kampf.” But when Trump/Repubs talk about socialism and Marxism, they never mention any names or places or policies or ideology or, or, or. They babble moronically, while knowing Trumpers and Cubans nod their heads.

Socialists and Marxists, real ones, are almost impossible to locate. Trumpers must submit to a one-question test before they can discuss the subject, in order to certify their bona fides. “How many 6-cent stamps in a dozen?” If anyone answers 12, he or she is immediately disqualified. So far, about 40 percent were disqualified. Virtually no one knows about the proletariat and owning the means of production. They’ve heard of Marx, but not Lenin; Stalin, but not Trotsky. Mao is a takeout dessert.

Those Americans who talk about socialism and Marxism as a real issue are either simply brain-dead fascists or sexually frustrated evangelicals. Socialist ideas like universal health care and paid maternity leave, six weeks’ vacation, climate issues, and worldwide organizing against war, pandemics, or poverty are alive and well in every European country. We refuse to “get it.”

Why are half of the cars in this country made in Asia? Because we took 30 years to recognize that they did it better than us and that we needed to steal their technology. We are great, but we have room to improve. Being dumb and proud has cost us trillions and half the automobile market.

Morons can’t make America great again.

Watching Laura Ingram talk about Black Lives Matter’s trained Marxists last night, I was struck by her obvious confusion on the subject. Laura was mixing up Karl and Groucho. Karl has a bushy beard and Groucho a little mustache, so it was easy to confuse the two philosophical giants. Groucho has a great sexual shtick and Laura was probably overwhelmed by it.

There are Groucho impersonators, like Elvis, all over the world, especially in Scandinavia, but the last time a Marxist cell was identified was three years ago in southwest France. The group was composed of six members who were posing as Basque revolutionaries and were running a yoga school in the border town Hendaye.

Laura, blithering stupidity becomes you.

The obvious solution to our socialism and Marxism problem is to go back to the days when it was a sexual deviation from the norm. Have some fun. A little pain. Even some pleasure. Don’t take your ignorance and sexual frustration out on the left-wing do-gooders.

Stick with racism, voter suppression, and law and order. Remain crass and vulgar, vile and incompetent — simpler ideas for simple minds.


Thank you for reading . . . 
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