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True Measure

In an act of professional integrity, Isabel Madison quietly pointed to a piece of paper she handed out at the second public hearing last week Tuesday. The piece of paper was the tax bill you can expect to receive in December 2011...

Apr 7, 2011
National Defense

As a longtime part-time resident of East Hampton and western Nassau County, I was amazed as to how many anti-Bush demonstrations we would encounter going from place to place in the 10 months preceding the 2008 presidential election. Some, especially the one in front of the Southampton 7-Eleven...

Apr 7, 2011
Great Generosity

On behalf of the board of directors, I wish to thank Ben Krupinski and his crew for the recent renovation at the Springs Parsons House, home of the Springs Library. Mr. Krupinski, with great generosity and community spirit, undertook this work...

Apr 7, 2011
Worth a Visit

I am enthusiastically writing to recommend Race Lane restaurant. Recently open for the season, there is a new chef fresh from Nantucket. The menu still has last year’s favorites and some absolutely amazing additions...

Apr 7, 2011
Hands Up

Do you ever want to just throw up your hands in frustration when the voices of unreason seem to be overpowering logic and common sense? That’s how I feel when I read and hear the comments of the Obama haters nationally and in this newspaper. Never mind that he is our president, elected by the people to lead the country...

Apr 7, 2011