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Recorded Deeds 08.05.21

New real estate transfers.

Aug 5, 2021
Recorded Deeds 07.29.21

New real estate transfers.

Jul 29, 2021
Has the Hamptons Real Estate Boom Reached Its Peak?

More than 16 months after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a surge in East End real estate sales, the boom is still going strong, but there are signs it is "entering a more stable, less reactive environment."

Jul 29, 2021
Georgica Estate Listed at $95 Million Is Sold at Auction

Briar Patch, an 11.5-acre estate in East Hampton's Georgica neighborhood listed for sale earlier this year for $95 million, was awarded to Avenues Global Holdings, the parent company of Avenues: The World School, an international network of for-profit private schools, at auction last week.

Jul 22, 2021
Recorded Deeds 07.22.21

New real estate transfers.

Jul 22, 2021
Women in Charge at Burner Law

An all-female law firm that focuses exclusively on elder law, and trust and estate planning has opened an East Hampton branch to cater to clients who have moved here during the pandemic.

Jul 21, 2021
A Ceramics Wheel on Six Wheels

Two longtime friends have combined their respective small businesses to create Clay Camp, which offers a mobile two-hour course in hand building and throwing, rolling and whirling on a potter's wheel.

Jul 15, 2021
A New Vision for Newtown Lane

Robert Zecher, a real estate developer and the new owner of the building that is home to Mary's Marvelous in East Hampton Village, has a vision to transform that section of the village into an extension of the commercial core with more storefronts and apartments. 

Jul 14, 2021
Recorded Deeds 07.15.21


Estate of Bonnie Krupinski to Christa E. Bistrian, 17 Private Road (vacant), April 15, $412,500.

Far East Properties L.L.C. to HRH Design Group L.L.C., 172 Cranberry Hole Road (vacant), April 29, $2,550,000.



Bridge A. L.L.C. to 145 Meadowlark Lane L.L.C., 32 West Pond Drive (vacant), August 13, $3,500,000.

Estate of Peter Larkin to 192 Surfside Drive L.L.C., 192 Surfside Drive, April 7, $8,350,000.

Jul 14, 2021
Recorded Deeds 07.08.21


Edwards Trust to Betty Englis, 425 Cranberry Hole Road (vacant), April 30, $2,550,000.



Eugene G. Smith to J. and D. LI Home Builders L.L.C., 867 Millstone Road (vacant), Feb. 9, $225,000.

Stefan Wiskemann to Caroline and Jeremy Leventhal, 20 Audobon Avenue, April 26, $5,750,000.

Delvin Hemby Trust to 2211 Scuttle Hole L.L.C., 2211 Scuttle Hole Road, April 27, $875,000.

Karen F. Goldman to Martyn and Barrie Moskovich, 5 Mill Path, April 29, $3,100,000.

Jul 7, 2021
Recorded Deeds 07.01.21

The latest real estate transfers.

Jul 1, 2021
Mandala Yoga to Open Anew for 20th Year in Amagansett

When the sangha gathers Friday at Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts at Amagansett Square, it will observe both the center's reopening at its renovated space and its 20th anniversary. The sangha -- a Sanskrit word meaning association or community -- is in a celebratory mood, the reopening coinciding with the lifting of most Covid-19 regulations and the long pandemic's apparent decline.

Jun 24, 2021