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Guestwords: Staging

It is easy enough to absent myself for apartment showings. Would that I could take the furniture with me. Since it must remain in all its dated glory, a stager will come in to “freshen it up.” But there are consequences.

Jan 28, 2021
In Congress, Abetting Insurrection

More than two weeks have passed since the murderous insurrection at the United States Capitol, and, if anything, the events of Jan. 6 have grown more horrifying with the passage of time. The seditious co-conspirators must be expelled from Congress.

Jan 20, 2021
Harris a First Among Firsts

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Kamala Harris becoming the first woman vice president in United States history is that it does not feel all that remarkable that a woman should occupy such a position. It is, of course.

Jan 20, 2021
Village Parking — What’s the Problem?

Amid all the fluster about several schemes floated for changing the downtown East Hampton Village parking rules one important thing is missing — any sense of what the issue is in the first place.

Jan 20, 2021
The Mast-Head: The Escape Dog

Letting pets move around freely is a thing of the past, traffic being what it is and even the odd dog thief about.

Jan 20, 2021
The Shipwreck Rose: Luddites Anonymous

Can we pause for a second to consider the fact that robots telephone us regularly to try to fleece us of our hard-earned cash?

Jan 20, 2021
Gristmill: The Hick’s Lament

I keep thinking about what that sensibly unaffiliated Down Easterner in the Senate, Angus King, said on “60 Minutes” the other night, about how those who raged at the Capitol have to be listened to, that they aren’t going away.

Jan 20, 2021
Guestwords: MAGA and the Coronavirus

The newest strain of MAGA, the one that was evidenced at the Capitol, seems not only more contagious, but also immune to the vaccine of coalition that President Biden is attempting to inject into the body politic.

Jan 20, 2021
Point of View: No Heard Immunity

Oh well, forget about getting vaccinated. I called my doctor’s office the first day I was eligible, at 9 a.m. sharp, and they knew nothing. Then I called Southampton Hospital, and they too knew nothing.

Jan 20, 2021
No Choice but to Impeach

There are perhaps as many ways to look at the rampage at the Capitol as there were participants, but one thing is indisputable: It was a planned attempt for one branch of federal government to take over another.

Jan 13, 2021
Lee Zeldin Must Go

By persisting in the stolen-election lie, Lee Zeldin took the side of the pro-Trump armed attackers and betrayed United States democracy.

Jan 13, 2021
The Mast-Head: Chain of Violence

Like many Americans, I have struggled to come to any kind of understanding of the violence and destruction taken to Washington just over a week ago. But one thing is clear to me as a late-coming student of slavery in the Colonial and early Republic North: Mob violence is no aberration in our history.

Jan 13, 2021