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Edna Elliott's Supper Rolls, 1955

Did you know that six species of grains have been used by man for many millennia? In ancient times when man first turned from nomadic to settled life because he had learned how to grow food, he raised millet, oats, barley, and wheat.

Feb 17, 1955
Beef Stew Recipe, 1954

I am very partial to stews, soups, and chowders, and I have spent considerable time in evolving this recipe. This is due notice that this beef stew recipe supersedes any previous material I have written on the subject. I don't believe there's anything so basically wrong with our nation that more stews of this caliber will not correct it.

Oct 28, 1954
Recipe: Woodbine Strawberry Chiffon Pie

Ordinarily, I'm not a chiffon pie man. No sense in an airy, fluffy chiffon pie if you can have a mouthful of genuine fruit. But this pie, from the Woodbine Cottage in Sunapee, N.H., is different.

Jun 17, 1954
Man's Recipe: Baked Limas With Sausage, 1954

Today's recipe, baked limas with sausage, is a delicious, hearty combination. A man can make a meal on it and know he has foddered well.

Apr 15, 1954
Man's Recipe: Janet Spencer's Oil Dressing, 1954

There are 57-plus varieties of salad dressings, and some citizens I know are unconscionably stubborn about insisting that theirs is indisputably the world's best. I’m not going to be contumacious about it; all I am saying is that after testing and messing around with a few dressings, I know that this is the best one discovered to date.

Apr 8, 1954