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A Man’s Recipe for Cornbread

This isn’t a complicated cornbread formula, but the secret of its appeal, judging by the way our friends and neighbors eat at our Saturday and Sunday suppers — is the touch of allspice. Offhand, I don’t recall seeing any cornbread recipe calling for allspice. 

Apr 26, 1956
Country Style Fricassee Fowl, 1956

This recipe from the Star's archives is for a classic, country-style chicken fricassee, a stew that's only limited by the ingredients in the pantry.

Mar 15, 1956
Blanche's Vegetable-Beef Soup, 1956

Today's recipe is a super delicious, nutritious, and flavorful combination. It is also a good hearty dish, either for dinner or supper, and it is easy to make. I like mine with plenty of crackers crumbled into it.

Mar 1, 1956
Old-Fashioned Chicken Pie, 1956

A lady asked me the other day to define "old fashioned" chicken pie as contrasted with a "modern." I can tell you the chief distinction without any difficulty. The "old fashioned" had plenty of chicken meat in it.

Jan 19, 1956
Mrs. Keene's Apple Crumble, 1955

This good apple dessert comes from Mrs. Charles L. Keene of West Poland, Maine. Try heavy cream on this crumble, and mix just a whiffle of cinnamon and nutmeg into the cream.

Dec 8, 1955
Man's Recipe: Two-Toned Brownies

I don't know whether you can correctly label a brownie a member of the cookie family or not. Webster's Collegiate says, "A kind of small chocolate cake containing nuts."

Oct 13, 1955
Man's Recipe: Florence Adams's Lima Bean Casserole

Here is a dish that is excellent — and hearty. It is from neighbor Florence Adams, who is a superb cook.

Jun 30, 1955
Woodbine Cottage Raisin Sauce, 1955

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of a tree that grows in Java, the West Indies, Brazil, Egypt, and Ceylon. The last area produces the best-quality cinnamon with a tangy, pleasant, and distinctive flavor due to the tree's aromatic oil. Since ancient days, cooks have used this spice for its unique flavoring power.

Mar 31, 1955
Blanche's Chocolate Fudge, 1955

Blanche and I agree on the essentials; but there are times when we don't see exactly eye to eye on some of the minor points — such as this business of the best breed of fudge.

Mar 24, 1955
Edna Elliott's Supper Rolls, 1955

Did you know that six species of grains have been used by man for many millennia? In ancient times when man first turned from nomadic to settled life because he had learned how to grow food, he raised millet, oats, barley, and wheat.

Feb 17, 1955
Beef Stew Recipe, 1954

I am very partial to stews, soups, and chowders, and I have spent considerable time in evolving this recipe. This is due notice that this beef stew recipe supersedes any previous material I have written on the subject. I don't believe there's anything so basically wrong with our nation that more stews of this caliber will not correct it.

Oct 28, 1954
Recipe: Woodbine Strawberry Chiffon Pie

Ordinarily, I'm not a chiffon pie man. No sense in an airy, fluffy chiffon pie if you can have a mouthful of genuine fruit. But this pie, from the Woodbine Cottage in Sunapee, N.H., is different.

Jun 17, 1954