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Guestwords: My Dear Feet

I suspect that I haven’t given enough credit to my feet for what they’ve done for me. It’s time to correct that.

Oct 6, 2022
Guestwords: Beach Plum Days

Memories of picking beach plums in Shinnecock Hills, and how they were lovingly jarred in a grandmother’s sweet-smelling kitchen.

Sep 29, 2022
Guestwords: The Queue for the Queen

I hereby pay my respects to this woman who so impressively embodied Britain’s history and spirit.

Sep 22, 2022
Guestwords: Surfing the Birds and the Flies

A road trip to a pioneering surfer’s favorite East End haunts brings a family together.

Sep 15, 2022
Guestwords: Never Too Old for the Book

For years my grandson had been writing in the brown leather visitors’ book after every summer stay at our beach house. Then one day he stopped.

Sep 8, 2022
Guestwords: Memories of Simon Perchik

I got to know Simon Perchik — prolific poet, friend, disputator, World War II vet — when he was barechested and in boxer shorts.

Sep 1, 2022
Guestwords: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Roiling Stones

I've had some amusing experiences while passing stones. Have you?

Aug 25, 2022
Guestwords: Summer Vacation, 1973

It was the summer my family discovered “the Black Hamptons.”

Aug 18, 2022
Guestwords: What Lincoln Left Us

A close-up look at Abraham Lincoln’s presidency offers possibilities for our own political polarization.

Aug 11, 2022
Guestwords: God Bless Pig Latin America

For me Pig Latin is a little like Swedish. Everyone who speaks it reminds me of the characters in a Bergman film who have lost their faith in God.

Aug 4, 2022
Guestwords: The Springs Cathedral

This year our little church by Accabonac Creek, the Springs Community Presbyterian Church, celebrates its 140th year. I call it one of the great cathedrals of the world.

Jul 28, 2022
Guestwords: One Phone Call

All our decades of planning were working to create the family we’d always wanted. Until, late in my pregnancy with our fourth child, a nurse called.

Jul 21, 2022