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Guestwords: Football Healing

A case is made for the 1973 Bonac football team’s inclusion in East Hampton High’s Hall of Fame — and memories are triggered.

Dec 7, 2023
Guestwords: A Call for Muscle

What should Jews do about the rise in antisemitism? Here are a few modest proposals.

Nov 30, 2023
Guestwords: Wanted: One Car Czar

The South Fork traffic mess is worse than ever, and it’s driving everyone nuts. 

Nov 22, 2023
Guestwords: There’s No Place Like Home

Playwright, lyricist, actor, debtor, here is John Howard Payne on the 200th anniversary of the unveiling of his song “Home Sweet Home.”

Nov 16, 2023
Guestwords: Fractals in Our Far East

Dr. Robert Marshall’s metaphor of the fractals within a tree is useful in explaining the infinite patterns, and from there it’s a short leap to fractals in the arts.

Nov 9, 2023
Guestwords: A Master of the Surf

How Fred Yardley and the lifeguards of Main Beach pioneered the best way to body surf.

Nov 2, 2023
Guestwords: A Message From the Trees

Our community needs to be educated about what’s here or coming down the pike: Many trees are in trouble.

Oct 26, 2023
Guestwords: A Response to the Attacks on Israel

The dysfunction in Washington cannot prevent us from meeting our responsibilities as a world leader. Congress must put aside petty squabbles and rise to the occasion to provide proper funding for Israel and ensure we’re combating antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate here at home.

Oct 19, 2023
Guestwords: The Great Hamptons Sport

As we’re now safely into the fall, we can dig in to the Hamptons’ favorite pastime: kvetching about restaurants.

Oct 12, 2023
Guestwords: The South Fork Cinerama

I’ve always seen the South Fork as a giant outdoor Cinerama. But how movies have portrayed the area has been hit or (more often) miss.

Oct 5, 2023
Guestwords: Soon the Leaves Will Fall  

Falling leaves provide shelter for the insects that pollinate our flowering world. They nourish the soil, keeping it alive. Let’s rethink what we do with them.

Sep 28, 2023
Guestwords: Goodbye Cricket Lullaby

Closing up our summer retreat was when I first experienced what my grandmother called “the pain of a heavy heart.”

Sep 21, 2023