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Overdrive: The East End's Obsession With Classic Cars

Hot cars have always raced between the hedges on Hamptons roads. But a few special societal factors — from the aging of Boomers and Gen X to the idle hours of the Covid-19 pandemic — have coincided to create a moment when demand for a classic Porsche, Cadillac, or Model “A” is outstripping supply. EAST investigates an obsession

Jul 6, 2022
OVERHEARD: When the Bobwhite Sang

The bobwhite makes both a song and question with its name. This is appropriate, since questions abound about this bird. Long Island is at the northern edge of the bobwhite range, but they have disappeared. Where did they go? Will they come back? Locals haven’t heard their familiar song for decades. Even its name —  northern bobwhite, bobwhite, common bobwhite, quail, or partridge — is tensile and open to interpretation.

Jul 5, 2022
OVERHEARD: Charmed, We're Sure

Most would agree that Dora Frost, unmarried and unburdened by children, is a true 21st-century woman. At 71, Frost still paints daily in her West Palm Beach studio and posts an artistic offering a day on Instagram, to the delight of her followers. 

Jul 5, 2022
ON THE COVER: Samantha French

Samantha French's subjects are clearly not lounging poolside, but on a beach. It’s a moment that we recognize, here in our beach town: We know they know one-another intimately;  a pair of sisters, perhaps, lifting their eyes from their books as they talk, while the boyfriend’s attention is elsewhere?

Jul 5, 2022

For decades, East Enders feeling the pinch from out-of-control real estate prices have felt the pull of Riverhead’s affordability, but declined to go west: “It’s a great price,” they’d say, “but it’s in Riverhead.” Now, however, people who have spent decades on the South Fork are increasingly finding shelter in Riverhead and loving it so much that the narrative is starting to change.

Jul 5, 2022
DIVERSIONS: A New Favorite Spot in Montauk

Part art studio and gallery, part boutique and café, Poppy Heart in Montauk is just one of those places with feel-good energy all around.

Jul 4, 2022
BOUNTY: That 1970s Dinner Party

Once upon a time on the East End, grown-ups hosted or attended dinner parties every single week. For the parents of Nina Dohanos — a Sag Harbor food blogger and accomplished home cook, herself — that meant dreaming up more than 100 dinner parties back in the 1970s. Using a family notebook as her guide, she re-created a marvelous meal from the summer of 1973, down to the heirloom checkered tablecloth...

Jul 4, 2022
OUT HERE: Ghost Riders

These horses aren’t here anymore. But you might remember them? They used to live at Cove Hollow, gamboling and grazing in the green meadow of the farm on your left as you drive into East Hampton Village, a glimpse of an agricultural past that some of us make a point of quickly turning to glance at — a split-second hit, a micro-respite from the modern day — before we turn back to cursing the crowds and the nagging of the iPhone alerts and the price of gas.

Jul 4, 2022
RECIPES: That 1970s Menu

Nina Dohanos, a Sag Harbor food blogger, recreated an heirloom menu as a throwback to the days of dinner parties hosted by her parents, Peter and Marlys Dohanos.

Green Bean and Shallot Salad

Perfect at room temperature or cold from the fridge!

2 lb. clean, local green beans
2 medium shallots, finely diced

Jul 4, 2022
MEMOIR: Surfing Vietnam

During the war, soldiers and sailors took R&R on China Beach, just north of Da Nang. One of the men who remembers it well is Joseph Giannini of Montauk, who attained the rank of captain in the U.S. Marine Corps. Here, his memories of days of combat and days of waves.

Jul 4, 2022
BOUNTY: Hey, Hot Heads!

A taste-test of locally produced spicy sauces and South Fork Srirachas.

Jul 2, 2022
BOUNTY: Get Your Salad Freak On

Jess Damuck of Shelter Island is making waves coast-to-coast as a food and prop stylist, producer, writer, and self-proclaimed “salad freak.”

Jul 2, 2022