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Michael Cameron is a 15-year-old student at Regis High School in New York City. He is entering his sophomore year and is excited to continue writing for his school newspaper. Michael enjoys writing about sports and international relations. Outside of the newsroom, some of his favorite activities  include golfing, cooking, and reading his favorite book series, “The Hunger Games.” In addition to “The Hunger Games,” he is reading a nonfiction book called “Easternization.” Michael lives in New York City, but has spent every summer in East Hampton since age 12 with his parents and younger sister. He said he really enjoys spending the summer here because there are “a multitude of things to do. I could go to the beach. I could go biking. I can play golf. I can play soccer in my backyard. I can visit family that don’t live in the city. And there's just so much to do, that I much rather spend my summer out here where there is so much to do than in the city where I am stuck in an apartment.”