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Thanksgiving Recipes


Thanksgiving Advertisements from The Star's Archives

Decades ago, the times were different — along with the cost of food, long-distance phone calls, rug cleaning, and table settings.

Nov 22, 2019

Cranberry Chutney

A few days' mellowing improves the chutney.

Nov 21, 1974

Butternut Galette

Galettes are rustic French open-topped pastries, usually made with fruits. Inspired by some reading I was doing on the food of Southwest France, where most of France's pumpkins are grown, I decided to try putting the two ideas together for something new to do with pumpkin or its many cousins (Hubbards, butternut, acorn, Turk's turban, or sweet dumpling [Delicata] squashes).

Nov 9, 2000

Broccoli Puree

Broccoli puree will not only keep for several days, but could be frozen until ready to use.

Nov 21, 1974

Smoke-Roasted Turkey

While I like all poultry headed for the smoker, gas grill, or oven to be brined at least for a few hours, for a more emphatic flavoring, a brine cum marinade works wonderfully. It's also useful when you don't want to cook your bird for a couple of days. This turkey was left in its marinade in a large covered canner (on the floor of a near-freezing garage colder than my refrigerator) for three days. Carved in thin, small slices this 15-pounder goes a long, long way for a buffet or cocktail party fare.

Dec 5, 1996

Basic Turkey Gravy

Make this the day before Thanksgiving and you will have only to add the drippings from the turkey on the great day when you're all hassled anyway. Refrigerate it and reheat it while the turkey is being carved.

Nov 18, 1999

Roasted Baby Pumpkins

Get your little pumpkins right away because they will all be spoiled if they freeze in the field and they keep wonderful at garage temperature. A gang of them arranged on a huge white platter with sprigs of kale for garnish are almost as spectacular as the bird.

Nov 12, 1998

Juniper-Rubbed Turkey on the Grill

Turkey on the grill is perhaps my favorite route to a juicy, brown bird - it's fast too. But the stuffing must be cooked separately via oven casserole, which I always do anyway, since even a stuffed bird never has enough stuffing to satisfy my family and friends.

Nov 21, 1996

Caramel Apples with Pumpkin Pie Spice

It’s decorative gourd season, people, let’s get that pumpkin spice fever!

Oct 3, 2019

Turkey on the Grill

A 12 to 14-pounder is the top weight for this treatment: Otherwise the grill cover won't close. Do some pre-measuring of your grill before selecting your bird to be sure it fits. Two days in advance wash the turkey inside and out in cold running water. Dry it well with a ton of paper towels. Rub it inside and out with the following "dry rub," which is less demanding than a brine.

Nov 19, 1996