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Questions, Incredulity, and, Finally, Adaptation as Smoke Persists

With air quality levels in Suffolk County sitting just under 200, a level considered unhealthy and nearing very unhealthy, on Thursday morning, some people accustomed to working outside took the day off. For most, however, it was a regular day, despite the peach-colored air.

Jun 8, 2023
The Way It Was for June 8, 2023

A look back at headlines from years past.

Jun 8, 2023
Former Montaukers Attacked

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise money for members of a former Montauk family who were victims of a knife attack in Florida that police described as an attempted murder-suicide.

Jun 8, 2023
Canadian Fires Blanketing Region in a Hazardous Smoky Haze

Residents of the East End awoke Saturday morning to a hazy sky and the distinct smell of something burning, which got stronger through the week as a result of the wildfires raging in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Nova Scotia. The smoke resulted in air quality alerts that canceled outdoor activities of all sorts.

Jun 8, 2023
Item of the Week: At the Old Ballgame, 1905-1915

A large crowd watches a baseball game in this glass-plate image. Most likely the players are part of the East Hampton Baseball Club, first mentioned in The Star in 1895.

Jun 8, 2023
Sportime Couple Honored at Retreat Gala

“There was a real focus on domestic violence and other important social causes during Covid,” Francesca Odell, co-president of the Retreat’s board of directors said at the All Against Abuse benefit Saturday. “And, now that we’re coming out of that, I think there’s a tendency to think that those issues aren’t as crucial. But when you look at the root causes of domestic violence, they’re all still present.”

Jun 8, 2023
Rabbi Performs Life-Saving Mitzvah

Rabbi Aizik Baumgarten of Chabad of the Hamptons in East Hampton donated one of his kidneys to Terri Levin Davgin, a longtime congregant who was suffering from kidney failure. “When there’s an opportunity to help, we help. I thanked God for the opportunity for the chance to save a life,” he said.

Jun 8, 2023
Nazi Saboteur Anniversary Saturday

The anniversary of the 1942 interception of Nazi saboteurs who landed near Atlantic Avenue Beach will be observed on Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Amagansett Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station.

Jun 8, 2023
Restored Dominy Shops Will Be Feather in Village’s Cap

Generations of the Dominy family built the bits and pieces that made life work in the 18th century. East Hampton Village is nearly finished with a $2.3 million dollar restoration of the house and shops that will be known as the Dominy Shops Museum.

Jun 8, 2023
East Hampton's 2023 Pride Parade, in Photos

To share in Pride Month with the L.G.B.T.Q.+ community is "a loving embrace," the founder of Hamptons Pride, Tom House, told a huge crowd in Herrick Park on Saturday after the conclusion of the second East Hampton Village Pride Parade. It "goes beyond tolerance and acceptance. . . . It says, 'We value you and we're better for your presence; we're so glad you're here.' "

Jun 5, 2023
Wind Farm Substation Nears

As installation of the South Fork Wind farm’s monopile foundations nears, the first American-built offshore wind substation is making its way to the site. A ship carrying the substation set sail from Ingleside, Tex., on May 24. The 1,500-ton, 60-foot-tall substation will sit on a monopile foundation within the 12-turbine, 132-megawatt wind farm, collecting the power generated by the turbines and connecting it to the electrical grid.

Jun 1, 2023
‘Patriotism Is a Promise’

The stirring strains of “You’re a Grand Old Flag” grew louder as Monday’s Memorial Day parade made its way from Main Street to Hook Mill in East Hampton Village. But the patriotic music, the magnificent spring sunshine, and the seeming entirety of East Hampton Town’s Little League participants and their parents belied the solemnity of the occasion.

Jun 1, 2023