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A Bridgehampton Party, a President's Son, a Positive Covid Test

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and the national chairwoman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, was spotted with the younger Mr. Trump at a cocktail party in Bridgehampton. She tested positive for the virus Friday night while in South Dakota for the president's appearance for Fourth of July festivities at Mount Rushmore.

Jul 4, 2020
In Suffolk, Just 20 Covid Patients in I.C.U.

The number of positive cases in the county rose by 47, and hospitalizations increased by two. On a brighter note, the number of patients in intensive care units decreased by seven to just 20, and an additional eight people who had the virus were discharged.

Jul 3, 2020
Gruesome Find Stirs Memories of Montauk Monster

A reader reached out to The Star on Thursday with photos of what he said might just be another Montauk Monster, the famously gruesome creature found in Montauk in 2008 that became a viral internet sensation.

Jul 3, 2020
Beaching It In East Hampton This Weekend?

As this very different Fourth of July weekend begins, East Hampton Town has issued a reminder about regulations still in effect to stop the spread of Covid-19, particularly at its beaches.

Jul 3, 2020
Paul McCartney Endorses Video for Wildlife

A musical project that came to life last summer will make its broadcast debut this morning, days after coming to the attention of the song’s composer, who happens to have been in the Beatles.

Jul 2, 2020
Sag Harbor Village Enacts Limits on Leaf Blowers

A new law regulating the use of gas and electric leaf blowers was adopted by the Sag Harbor Village Board at a meeting on June 24.  

Jul 2, 2020
A Lifeguard Season Like No Other

This summer, lifeguards are setting an example for the community by wearing masks and ensuring that no crowds gather. This means they have to keep their eyes glued to the water — and also scan the beaches for any large groups. One reporter's story.

Jul 2, 2020
Wainscott Park Plan Becomes Tribute to Late Civic Activist

A preliminary design for a more complete space shows a passive park with a looping trail, benches, a small, simple shelter, and a dogwood tree planted for the late Rick Del Mastro.

Jul 2, 2020
Drive to Create New Village of Wainscott

Wainscott residents angry at what they consider unequal treatment by the East Hampton Town Board are using the July 4 holiday to launch a petition to establish an incorporated village.

Jul 2, 2020
Early Spring Was a Bounty for Bees on East End

When things greened up early this spring thanks to warmer-than-usual temperatures around here, humans weren't the only ones who noticed. Honeybees are thriving on the East End.

Jul 2, 2020
Overwhelmed by Volume, Strained Postal Workers Struggle to Keep Up

The Covid-19 pandemic has flooded post offices and shipping stores with packages, mail, and new customers, leading to difficult working conditions for employees and long lines for customers. Some postal service staffers have worked seven days a week for 30-plus days and 253 of Long Island's approximately 7,000 postal employees have contracted the virus.

Jul 2, 2020
In Pandemic, Some Foster Pets Find Forever Home

In the early days of the pandemic, animal shelters like the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons often had to rely on volunteers to foster the animals they had rescued until they could be adopted. Happily, some of those foster homes became permanent homes.

Jul 2, 2020