Unwelcome Art Rises On Cliff Top

It’s big and pink and neighbors don’t like it
A phallic sculpture by the late Franz West has appeared at the edge of a Montauk bluff. Hampton Pix

    A 15-foot tall, pink, er, ah, well, what’s been dubbed a pink penis has sprouted from the edge of the cliff in the Montauk moorlands. Neighbors say they feel violated, aesthetically speaking.
    The few oceanfront homeowners in one of Montauk’s most exclusive neighborhoods say the work of art has ruined the dramatic panorama that stretches down the hoodoo-sculpted bluffs out onto the Atlantic Ocean to the horizon. To make matters worse, the pink piece is illuminated at night.
    The art is a work by the Austrian sculptor Franz West, who died on July 25 in Vienna. He was 65.
    The neighbors have politely suggested to Adam Lindenmann, an art collector and critic for The New York Observer, that if he must erect the thing he could kindly move it back from the cliff to a less exposed location. There has been no response, they say.
    Mr. Lindenmann caused a stir several years ago when he installed “Bear/Lamp,” a sculpture by Urs Fischer of a giant yellow teddy bear leaning against a reading lamp, on his Montauk moorland property. It was installed closer to Mr. Lindemann’s house, but the yellow bear raised Montauk eyebrows nonetheless. It continues to serve as a range marker for surfers and fishermen.
    Art is one thing, but the East Hampton Town Code would likely describe Mr. Lindemann’s new sculpture as a structure and as such, it would likely require a variance in order to be placed in its present location. The thing could also be in violation of the town’s lighting regulations. 

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A tall, pink metal sculpture, at left, is visible from the ocean, as is a 35,000-pound yellow bear wearing what appears to be a lampshade near Adam Lindemann’s Montauk bluff-top house.                                                                                                                                              Hampton Pix


as usual the lame town codes most likely will cover this for fines and removal. why cant the neighbors just look at the ocean and not gape at these works of art? stupid is as stupid does. keep crying and tying up the courts with these non issues and cry baby tantrums
Outrageous arrogance!
Oh the poor little clifftop neighbors! As if they didint have enough to worry about what with the price of helicopters these days. Shut up and bow down to the glory of the sea view already!
I'm not so thrilled about seeing these pieces from the water. If it affected the view from my house I'd be upset too. And who is this Anonymous and why doesn't he or she have the guts to give their name?
Really ugly I wouldn't want to look at the ocean through it.
Bonac! Use it for target practice! ;-))
Now that's funny....
"So much of art – not all of it thank god, but a lot of it – has just become a kind of cruddy game for the self-aggrandisement of the rich and the ignorant, it is a kind of bad but useful business." Robert Hughes
A bagel and a you know what....
its your mind that is sick ... its friggin art and all art is subjective. live and let live ,, get lives
All that's missing are the other three fingers, folded down, of course. Then it would be a true statement from the hearts of Mr. Lindenmann and Mr. West.
what a piece of crap
they should move Ruth Vered's Legs from Harbor right on top of it!
why do people gawk at this thing instead of enjoying the surrounding scenery? its called obsession!!!!!!!!!!! sis these same cry babys sell their cars when a seagull craps on their windshield?
Fingernails raking across a chalkboard comes to mind. signed, T Elkins
The XXIst Century, era of global bad taste and vulgarity, so much for "uneducated money" and their urge to show it. An 'anemic cat turd" ? Is that all you have to show for yourselves!?
Isn't art supposed to represent something? When did that stop? You don't throw something up on your property that's that large for YOU to enjoy. Scale it back, Bub.
This "art" represents time, called "abomination of desolation"
Put a flame on top. A flaming.....