Leisure Suits: What East Hampton Wore to Play

The tableau at top, “Last Train to New York, 1914,” alludes to the advent of the summer colony. Below, a dress from the “Collectors Cocktail Party” tableau dates from 1969, with the “Ladies Village Improvement Society 1916” vignette in the background. Durell Godfrey

The East Hampton Historical Society has “You’re Invited: 150 Years of Parties and Picnics in East Hampton” on view through Oct. 7. The exhibition was inspired by the historical society’s collection of period costumes, never displayed in any cohesive way previously, according to Richard Barons, its curator. The show is divided into a series of historical vignettes, “real and contrived,” to tell the story of East Hampton over the centuries through its fashion. 

In “Promenade 1910: Main Street,” a mother’s fancy day dress is featured with children’s clothes and other artifacts from the period.Durell Godfrey
Despite appearances to the contrary, the Revolutionary War-style uniform was made as a costume and is featured in a fictive float for “Fourth of July Parade 1915.”Durrell Godfrey