L.I.R.R. to Perform Testing on Montauk Branch

The Long Island Rail Road will perform routine rail safety tests on the Montauk branch during off-peak hours this week, and then again in a few weeks.

Customers have been asked to allow for additional travel time, as buses will substitute for some midday off-peak weekday trains between Montauk and Babylon from Monday through Friday, then again on Oct. 29 and Nov. 2. 

Sperry Rail Car, a self-propelled train car fitted with ultrasonic and induction test equipment, will perform the rail safety tests. It is designed to find internal defects inside the running rails that are not visible. Any problems found will be fixed immediately by L.I.R.R. track maintenance workers. 

Positive Train Control, a technology that is designed to reduce the potential for human error that could lead to an accident, will also be tested. The technology automatically slows trains under certain circumstances through transponders on board trains and along the tracks that continuously determine the train’s speed and communicate it to a central control system.

Service change details are as follows from Oct. 15 to 19, Oct. 29, Nov. 2:

Eastbound: Customers traveling to Bay Shore through Montauk during off-peak/midday hours will detrain at Babylon and board buses to their final destinations. Customers can expect up to 65 minutes of additional travel time, depending upon destination.

Westbound: Customers at Montauk through Bay Shore during off-peak/midday hours will board buses up to 64 minutes later than normal train times for Babylon, where train service will resume. Customers can expect up to 88 minutes of additional travel time.