No Casualties from Shark Attack in Montauk

Thousands enjoyed the sound and vibe of Shark Attack on Friday night. Carrie Ann Salvi

No blood was shed at the July 5 Shark Attack outdoor music "rave" with only a serious shortage of ice and an increase in traffic in Montauk,  an issue prevalent all weekend anyway.

There were some oddities, such as the clash of trendy outfits and footwear with yellow school buses that brought partygoers from a remote parking field in Amagansett to the Montauk Yacht Club, Resort and Marina, where the event took place. Also out of character for such an event was the screeching halt to the thumping beats at 11 p.m. Both aspects were agreed to in order to obtain a permit for the blast from the Town of East Hampton.  

The 13th annual celebration of electronic music organized by Ben Watts, a promoter and photographer, brought thousands of mostly 20-and-30-somethings, and lots of red, white, and blue blow-up sharks, bouncing balls, and glow sticks. The weather was perfect, as was the waterfront marina's setting where some arrived by boat, and hay bales were piled as peculiar forms of V.I.P. tables.

A  surprise D.J. appearance, by Theophilus London, a Trinidadian-born rapper from Brooklyn, complimented the scheduled spinmasters who included D.J. Zen Freeman, Chelsea Leyland, and Carl Kennedy. 

Here is a slideshow glimpse of the scene in case you missed it.