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  • The players on East Hampton Little League’s 11-12 and 9-10 traveling all-star baseball teams were depressed for a minute or two after having been eliminated from contention in regional games this past week, but in no time, their coaches, Ken Dodge and Mike Hand, said, they were running the bases, sliding into home, drinking Gatorade, and chasing fireflies.
  • North Shore, mighty North Shore, has fallen!
  • It’s been a while coming, two and a half years in fact, but the Clubhouse, the massive pleasure palace annexed to East Hampton Indoor Tennis’s six indoor courts officially opens today, at 11 a.m. to be precise.
  • For the second year in a row, East Hampton’s 9-and-10-year-old traveling all-star baseball team has won the District 36 championship, and its 11-12-year-old team may not be far behind.
  • Every year it seems to get worse. Last night, O’en and I were almost clipped by a wide-turning tank dropping people off at the house across the street. With O’en on the leash, I unleashed obscenities. I had been waving my flashlight energetically to ward them off, but to little avail it seemed.
  • It was asked last week of some people in the street how they were going to celebrate Independence Day. Most said they’d see the fireworks, which is evocative, but I’m wondering if we shouldn’t before night falls (this was written before night fell) take 10 minutes, at the most, to reread the Declaration of Independence, one of whose “self-evident truths” is, surprise, that “all men are created equal,” an assertion that seems to have been more honored in the breach than in the observance over the years, especially these days.
  • There was big news on the East Hampton Little League front last week as the 11-12 boys team coached by Kenny Dodge “mercied” two opponents, Southampton and Sag Harbor-Bridgehampton, the 9-10s coached by Mike Hand defeated Hampton Bays 11-1 and mercied Southampton, and the 11-12 girls, on Friday, came very close to shocking North Shore, which went on over the weekend to defeat East Meadow in the Long Island championship game.
  • Lucy Emptage, who is to attend La Salle University on a lacrosse scholarship, and Eamon Spencer, who won the coach’s award in volleyball and is a distance runner headed for the Naval Academy, recently received the Paul Yuska award given to the senior class’s top athletes in ceremonies at East Hampton High School.
  • Jamari Gant, who played on the 2015-16 Bridgehampton High School boys basketball team memorialized in Orson and Ben Cummings’s “Killer Bees” documentary, which is to open in Los Angeles and New York City at the end of this month, was, until Friday, a computer science major at the State University at Fredonia without a computer.
  • The East Hampton Town Little League organization has fielded what its president, Steve Minskoff, has called “four very competitive teams” to play in District 36 traveling all-star tournaments.

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