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  • Alafair Burke’s “The Wife” asks a worrying question: If you suffer through a traumatic event, do you recover? Or do you just think you have recovered?
  • The story of a daughter who's unlucky in love, her search for her deadbeat dad, and the solace he finds in a dollhouse.
  • The Pushcart Prize is celebrating its 40th anniversary; 40 years of bringing us the very best new writing from America’s small presses, whose sheer passion and strength of purpose keep them afloat in the face of the multinational publishing behemoths. Celebrate is the appropriate word.
  • When the doorbell rings at 3:30 in the morning, Merryn, the beleaguered heroine of Kaylie Jones’s new novel, “The Anger Meridian,” thinks it is her husband, coming home too drunk to get the door open.