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  • I’m a sucker for aesthetics. I’m the kind of guy who would live in a modernist glass cube because it looks cool, no matter how inconvenient. I judge books by their covers and products by their packing and I would rather have a mediocre dinner at a chic restaurant than good food from a dive.
  • For those who care about stocking the refrigerator with the freshest produce on the East End, March is the month to begin signing up for membership in a community supported agriculture program, or C.S.A.
  • A Springs woman dog-sitting and a tenant made it out of a Water Mill house that was ablaze last Thursday. A fund-raiser is being held to replace camera equipment for the tenant, a professional photographer.
  • Two people and two dogs escaped a fire that destroyed a house in Water Mill early Thursday morning thanks to the quick action of two police officers.
  • If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter on the East End, it is not hard to find others who “Feel the Bern.” Supporters have watched debates, made phone calls, signed petitions, and carpooled to “get out the vote” events. Those who support Donald J. Trump here have not made similar public efforts, but they are out there. As for Hillary Clinton, all is quiet as local supporters point to the number of delegates she can count on for the national convention.
  • Karyn Mannix, an East Hampton artist and gallerist, will open the Mannix Studio of Art on Friday, March 12, at 38 Gingerbread Lane in East Hampton. The school will conduct classes taught by classically trained instructors for students of all ages.

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