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  • When boating or sailing, there are times as the season moves along that doing the same thing over and over becomes downright boring. The same is true for the pursuit of fish. I simply get burned out when chasing the same species day after day.
  • Hands down, dawn is my favorite part of the day. No matter the season, I love to get up early and take it all in.
  • Sharks are hot. As in the past few summers, shark sightings seem to be capturing a lot of headlines and attention of late. Ever since Steven Spielberg put the toothy fish on the silver screen several decades ago, the mystique and fascination continues to grow.
  • Several different species of sharks are frequent visitors to our local waters. Everything from the lowly dogfish to the king of the seas, the great white, seems to make an annual visit at one point or another to South Fork beaches.
  • Last week’s unusually turbulent summer weather, which included extended wind gusts to over 30 miles per hour on several days mixed in with a few tropical downpours, certainly stirred up our local waters. Rip current warnings were posted up and down the coast for most of the week and weekend. It was best to stay out of the drink most days.
  • The current two-week closure of the commercial fluke fishery has once again drawn the ire of State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. and State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle, who issued a joint statement last week calling for New York State to keep its promise to its commercial fishermen and immediately bring litigation to strike down the inequitable fluke quotas that continue to put a severe crimp on the economic viability of the state’s commercial industry.
  • For those who have followed my adventures in trapping lobsters over the past few months, I must freely admit that I have an even greater fondness (and appetite) for a rather close cousin of that popular staple of the summertime clam bake.
  • In life, sometimes you win. And sometimes you lose.
  • A survey probably isn’t needed, but if you ask just about any experienced fisherman in Montauk Harbor who is the king of rod-and-reel commercial fishing most are likely to agree that John Rade,is the one who wears the crown.
  • No doubt about it, it was hot and humid last week. Nobody needed to hear it formally from a weatherman, or from Capt. Obvious for that matter. Hot is just hot. Just poking your head outside the house was enough for many people, before tightly closing the door to stay cool in air-conditioned comfort.