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  • It was a little after 7 a.m. on a postcard-pretty Saturday and the water on Sag Harbor Cove was glimmering and still as cars began to pull into the parking lot where the Sag Harbor Community Rowing Club meets.
  • Sharon Bakes has two children who are 8 and 14 years old, and acknowledges she can’t definitively prove the well water at the Noyac house her children have lived in their entire lives contributed to their developmental problems. But she is concerned about what might be leeching into the soil and water there from the controversial Sand Land industrial mine, which has been operating on Middle Line Highway in Noyac since 1961.
  • Andrea Anthony is a co-owner and hands-on manager of the Lobster Roll, one of the most iconic eateries on Long Island. But neither the restaurant’s 53-year tradition nor acclaim for the food protects her and her partners from having the same staffing problems that neighboring businesses continue to have, even at this late date in the season.
  • It takes a smart person to know his destiny when he gets a peek at it, and it takes an even bigger person to make the leap of faith once he does.
  • Montauk advertises itself as “The End,” but it’s not literally at the end of the world although it felt that way recently for residents frustrated with their post office’s inability to deliver their packages and daily mail on time, if they could be located at all.
  • Lifeguards in East Hampton and Southampton Towns were alerted of two shark bites in Fire Island waters.