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  • The owners of Almond bistro in Bridgehampton opened L&W Market last week to make many of their specialities available for takeout.
  • After opening a flagship store in Manila and selling items from his Blue Carreon Home line at Bergdorf Goodman and other boutiques in this country, the brand’s founder, Blue Carreon, has opened a shop this summer in East Hampton’s Red Horse shopping complex.
  • From cobalt blue to red to deep pewter, the colorful shoes passers-by will see in the window of Sabah, a small shopfront on Main Street in Amagansett next to Tack Trunk, are back this summer, still as a pop-up enterprise, but one that will be there for longer than last year, until Labor Day.
  • It doesn’t have to be that bedside Bible you drag out of the drawer in your hotel room in an effort to fall asleep.
  • The purple martins had just returned from South America on May 3, when Andy Sabin showed off 10 gourds in each of three colonies he had set out for them.
  • Perhaps the rubber plant that Charles and Heidi Limonius acquired in 1964 to sell at Buckley’s, the shop they opened on Montauk Highway in East Hampton just east of the former bowling alley, would have been more restrained had it been adopted and taken to a private residence.
  • Charles Limonius, who has owned the shop since 1960, said it will no longer sell cut flowers or arrangements designed by his wife, Heidi Limonius.
  • Mary Nimmo Moran's life and career will be the subject of a talk at Clinton Academy on April 21, tied to the opening of the newly restored Moran Studio this summer.
  • Jeff Heatley and Richard Barons will speak on Friday, March 23, at Clinton Academy about the encampment where American soldiers were quarantined after returning from the Spanish-American War.
  • At a time when the global population was about 1.9 billion people, the flu of 1918 infected some 500 million people worldwide, and, depending on who you ask, killed between 20 and 50 million people.

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