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  • Three East Hampton Village sites tested during the last week of April for waterborne bacteria showed medium to high levels of enterococcus, which originates in the fecal tracts of humans and animals.
  • Surfing out at Montauk Point last week, I was startled when a seal, make that a really, really big seal, popped its bulbous head out of the water just a few feet from where I sat straddling my board. It was a chilly, windy day, with few birds around and even fewer other surfers. I felt alone, and, had the seal been amorous or angry, there was little around other than me for it to take out its urges upon.
  • On the way to school on Tuesday morning, one of the kids announced that she and a classmate had a plan if a shooter ever turned up.
  • A $24 million project to replace a stone seawall protecting the Montauk Point Lighthouse will go forward, according to the office of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.
  • A portion of the sand placed on the downtown Montauk beach to cover sandbags exposed by a series of storms washed away over the weekend as yet another northeaster swept through the region.
  • Tuesday morning awoke with a snarl. Two raccoons had gotten into the chicken run and were squabbling over something or other, making an indescribable clamor, kind of a blend of exercised chatter, hisses, and a predator’s growl. That roused the dogs, which roused me, and together we ran out to see what was going on.
  • A plan for a 900,000-gallon water reservoir off Cross Highway in the Devon area of Amagansett has drawn the ire of several residents. The Suffolk County Water Authority was to have held a meeting at the Amagansett Library last night to discuss the plan.
  • It had not been hard to gather up the thin strips that remained of the receipt, despite the fact that the garbage from the two bags had been strewn by sea gulls across the beach access.
  • Trees and how to care for them will be the subject of a panel discussion on Monday at 3 p.m. in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s Hoie Hall organized by the Ladies Village Improvement Society. Experts will take questions about all things trees. The panelists will be Deborah Green from Bartlett Tree Experts, Mike Gaines from CW Arborists, Charlie Marder from Marders, and Mariah Whitmore from Whitmore’s.
  • Town Pond was not always a pond, and I have long been fascinated by this bit of historical trivia.

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