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  • The former Irish Republican leader Gerry Adams, the cookbook author Martha Stewart, and the golfer Ben Crenshaw were among the mourners who attended a funeral on Friday for Ben and Bonnie Krupinski and their grandson, William Maerov, three of the four people who died on June 2 when their small plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Amagansett.
  • The deaths in Saturday’s small-plane accident of Ben and Bonnie Krupinski, their grandson, William Maerov, and Jon Dollard, a pilot who worked for Mr. Krupinski, claimed headlines as a harrowing tragedy. Yet beyond the raw shock for a relatively small town, the Krupinskis’ sudden absence resonated among a broad swath of intersecting communities.
  • Amagansett has gotten a lot more hip. A friend from away and I spent Sunday afternoon driving around in a clapped-out Volvo drinking coffee and noticed this was the case.
  • Going into Memorial Day weekend, I had an intention to write down all of the amusing things I overheard while out and about, and make a column out of the best of them. Either I wasn’t paying attention or simply went to the wrong places, as by the end of the day on Monday, I had very little material. Well, no, that’s not quite right; I had exactly one quote.
  • Memorial Day parades in two villages served as emotional reminders of the meaning of the holiday.
  • First, Second, and Third House in Montauk were so named, one would think, to commemorate the order in which they were built. This is not so. Nor is Gin Beach called that in connection with Prohibition, as is often assumed. In fact, their origins go back to the early 18th century and have everything to do with cattle and sheep, and nothing to do with construction sequences or illicit liquor.
  • A Friday driving-while-intoxicated arrest could lead to the deportation of a Mexican citizen who worked at Cittanuova restaurant in East Hampton.
  • The disappearance of a masonry saw from the roadside on Church Street in East Hampton Village on May 7 led to the arrest of Jan R. Gutierrez of Springs on a charge of grand larceny.
  • Suddenly, this became dandelion spring. Their pale yellow heads rose one day in numbers like I had never noticed before.
  • After a persistently cold winter, the shadbush has at last bloomed. Cloudlike sprays of white flowers are rising briefly here and there on Napeague like fireworks and fading away as quickly, as their gentle petals drop and green leaves unfurl where the sparks had just been.

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