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  • Digging opened Saturday for the East Hampton Town Trustees 2018 Largest Clam Contest. I should say officially opened, since it is my well-nursed suspicion that somecompetitors prospect for potential prizewinners all summer long, reserving the heftiest quahogs in deep hidey-holes for a shot at September glory.
  • The Great Hurricane of 1938 was a momentous event and perhaps a portent of the challenges to come. Eighty years on, a novel about how it affected the people of the South Fork reminds us to be afraid.
  • Ellis came home with ticks the other day. He had been on a nature walk with his thirdgrade science class when someone bolted from the path into the leaf litter to inspect something interesting. Accounts vary about who led the charge, but several reliable sources pointed to my son.
  • With just a few permits to secure, work on the long hoped for expansion of the Montauk Playhouse Community Center could begin this winter. The $8.5 million undertaking is to include two swimming pools, classrooms, and fitness and performance spaces.
  • Among the pleasures of a late summer day here is being at the beach and watching small shorebirds race to pick food from the wet sand as each wave recedes. As the next wave advances, they dance up the beach, returning in a seeming instant to probe again with their beaks.
  • On Tuesday morning, I took a shower with a clam rake; it made sense at the time. I had just come up from the bay after a swim and needed to rinse off the salt. So, too, did the rake.
  • Real estate in East Hampton Town has been on a tear in 2018, at least in dollar value, according to the latest number on community preservation fund receipts.
  • After a man was found in distress outside of his vehicle on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton and officers noticed a potentially "hazardous situation in the victim's vehicle."
  • Say the word “roundabout” round about here and people go nuts. This is true even though these road configurations, also known as traffic circles, tend to work well at what they are supposed to do — route vehicles at complex intersections efficiently without causing backups.
  • Trudging up the dune path leading to the beach on Tuesday evening, Sisyphus came to mind. I was midway through finally building a swim raft to moor out front in the bay and, in several trips, had carried my tools, number-two cedar deck boards, and dock foam from the house along the rising serpentine path, then down the steps, which I had built to the beach.

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