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  • Congressional campaign committees are required to give records of their fund-raising and spending to the Federal Election Commission each quarter. Zeldin for Congress has dutifully sent reports to Washington since 2014. An examination of these by The Star showed that the campaign’s travel spending outpaced that of other members of the Long Island Congressional delegation.
  • There were two messages on my voice mail when I got to the office last Thursday morning. Both were in response to an editorial on Republican voter suppression in advance of the midterm elections.
  • The campaign funds of the two House of Representatives hopefuls in the First Congressional District are within spitting distance of each other, according to the most recent reporting.
  • This is not a ghost story, per se, but let’s say if I believed in ghosts, I would most certainly think the big house was haunted.
  • Owners of properties in the three historically black neighborhoods seek historic district status, and were thrilled recently after receiving a statement of eligibility from state officials.
  • According to figures filed earlier this month, the Democratic candidate for East Hampton Town Board, David Lys, has a substantial financial edge over his Republican opponent, Manny Vilar.
  • There is a political divide in East Hampton but it’s not the one you might think. Instead, on lawn signs and in letters to the editor, local candidates are said to be running for the “town council.” Though the East Hampton Town Board has forever been called “town board,” “East Hampton Town Council” is becoming more common unfortunately, even though it has no basis in law or history.
  • A close friend called on Tuesday to say he had been in the hospital emergency room overnight for treatment for an allergic reaction to meat.
  • If you are looking for a break from the bustle of the film festival this weekend, one of the more untrammeled options is the modest farm museum on North Main Street in East Hampton.
  • A dead whale washed up at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett on Monday. Another hit the beach east of the Maidstone Club yesterday. Predictably much of the response was downcast. “Sad,” some said, implying that human activity in the sea was to blame.

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