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  • One of the few positives of being home ill for several days, even with the flu, is that you have time to think. Or not. In my case this week, 30 straight hours of sleep were punctuated by only brief periods of lucidity. During one of them, I realized I was wrong to have made light of my too-late, Thanksgiving-eve vaccination in the paper last week.
  • Springs residents turned out last Thursday for an East Hampton Town Board hearing on the future of their hamlet, however their comments were dominated by worries about the future of a commercial area just beyond the official Springs line.
  • Montauk’s sandy soil was never all that good for farming. The highlands that give the topography there its undulating form were the result of heaps of stone and sediment (till) kicked over by the last glacier some 11,000 years ago.
  • The report from the pediatrician was not good. The fever and cough that kept Ellis home from school last week was the flu or had turned into it along the way. Word went out to the various siblings, friends, and family members: Get your flu shot; even if you were already exposed, the vaccination would lessen the flu’s severity if it did pop up.
  • A rare before-Thanksgiving snowfall that paralyzed New York City and northern New Jersey during the Thursday evening commute had a negligible effect on South Fork roads. Only a mix of heavy rain with occasional sleet was falling in East Hampton Village at 8 p.m. Thursday, and the electric utility, PSEG Long Island, reported only a handful of outages.
  • Access to the easternmost point in New York State, at least close to sea level, will be curtailed for two years beginning in May for a project to shore up the bluff under the Montauk Lighthouse.
  • As East Hampton Town moves rapidly toward code changes that would make it more difficult for hotels to add bars and restaurants, at least one town councilman is suggesting that the proposal does not go far enough.
  • There was a time when no one spoke of closing the East Hampton Town Airport. At a minimum, I believed that and would tell pilots so when they said the elimination of the airfield was the ultimate goal of the anti-noise faction. Whether or not I was wrong about my observation then, they are talking about it now.
  • With apology to Daniel Webster, it is a small thing but there are those who hate it. And, as another saying goes, all politics are local. So, with that in mind, I believe it is time to address what is for me one of the most local of all matters: the Route 114 roundabout.
  • Representative Lee Zeldin's campaign announced that he would cast his ballot with his wife and children tomorrow at the Mastic Beach Firehouse. Perry Gershon plans to attend an election night gathering at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall in Hauppauge after voting in East Hampton.

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