Rosé has become the quintessential wine of summer, but there was a time when no self-respecting oenophile would have sullied a spit bucket with the stuff.
Paola’s, the Italian restaurant taking over the space formerly occupied by EMP Summer House on Pantigo Road in East Hampton, will open by Memorial Day weekend, Stefano Marracino, the owner, said on Friday.
We moms gave birth! We raised up children! You think a little bit of rain is going to ruin our special day?!”
Hog and rosé dinner at Almond and more time for cookies at Levain this summer
Mecox Bay Dairy in Bridgehampton announced on Thursday that it has temporarily stopped selling milk and cheese following a recall of Mecox Sunrise cheeses that had been sold after March 1.
Who goes to Texas and doesn’t seek out tacos and barbecue? I do, we did.
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The owners of Bostwick's Chowder House in East Hampton announced this week that they will be opening a second restaurant, Bostwick's on the Harbor, on Three Mile Harbor in late May or early June.
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When Sybille van Kempen opened a restaurant at the Bridgehampton Inn five years ago, she decided to defy convention and create sort of a permanent pop-up, a place where the menu and the cuisine are ever-changing.
What is the most complicated dish you have ever made? Was it a success, was it worth it? Would you make it again?
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What kinds of foods or cuisines work best for watching sporting events? It depends on the event, the cook, and the guests.
Just as a little black dress can be a woman's essential wardrobe staple, a sauce is an entree's perfect thing to wear.
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There’s no harm in planning ahead for Easter and Passover menus, including dessert, and that means coming up with something not "doorstop heavy" for Passover.
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Technically, offal is defined as “an edible part of a slaughter animal other than skeletal muscle,” such as liver or tongue. Trying different variety meats can be a voyage of discovery, or even, rediscovery.